Problem Solving

What are problem-solving skills? How to enhance them?

Meaning of problem-solving skills

  • Problem-solving is the process of analyzing a problem and finding an appropriate solution.
  • The very basic objective of problem-solving is to identify the source of a problem.
  • Problem-solving skills help you to determine where and when the failure may occur.
  • You need to solve a problem under the constraints of cost, time, quality, technology and talent available.
  • Problem-solving skill is very vast in itself because there are many other skills that are must required to enhance your problem solving skills.

Different types of problem

Well defined problemIll defined problem
1Have specific goals and clear
expected solutions
Do not have specific goals and
clear expected solutions
2Problem solving strategies are
easily developed
Problem solving strategies are
difficult to developed
3Sometimes it can be solved by
using appropriate formula
It requires research, analysis
and good judgement to solve
4Easy to maintain the quality of
alternative solutions
Difficult to maintain the quality
of alternative solutions

Other skills needed to enhance problem-solving skills

1. Research and analysis

  • It is an essential skill required to enhance problem-solving skill.
  • Here you need to identify the causes and effects of the problem arose.
  • You need to collect data relevant to the problem.
  • After collecting all the relevant data you need to analyse the problem and develop appropriate solution.

2. Risk management

  • Sometimes while problem-solving you need to forecast some of the data. This involves a certain amount of risk.
  • You need to evaluate the effects of risk taken at every interval.
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3. Decision making

  • You should have the ability to take the right decision and at a right time.
  • You need to be transparent while making decisions.
  • Decisions made should be based on past data, present data and as well as forecasted data.
  • You need to monitor the decisions which are already implemented and perform changes if necessary.
  • You need to carefully follow the steps involve in decision-making.

4. Flexible and Adaptable

  • You need to be very practical while solving any problem.
  • You should be flexible so that you can change your roles and responsibility according to the requirement.
  • You need to be adaptable to the changing environment around you.
  • These things make you capable of handling circumstances arise due to certain problem.

5. Communication

  • While solving a problem each employee is dependant on one another. Since you will be working in a team. Hence you need to be good at communication.
  • You need to clearly explain the ongoing activities to maintain co-ordination between teammates.
  • Good communication lower the chances of failure.
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6. Creativity and innovative

  • You should be capable of generating new ideas and method so that it will be helpful while solving a problem.
  • Being creative is a part of your job. This reduces stress and develops an interest in completing the task.
  • Creativity and innovative will help in dealing with an anomalous situation.


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