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What is self-analysis? How to do self-analysis?

Meaning of self-analysis

  • It is a systematic approach taken by every individual to evaluate their strength and weakness at physical, intellectual as well as at an emotional level.
  • It involves a wide variety of mechanism and technique to understand one’s thought and behavior.
  • Self-awareness is very important aspects in order to develop one’s identity.
  • The process involves an understanding or comprehension of the individual’s subconscious and conscious mind.

Why need self-analysis

  • It is our casual habit that we always live in imagination. Either we lost in the future or think about things happened in the past.
  • In today’s competitive world, we do not fulfill the requirement of the present.
  • Sometimes we lost in emotions.
  • You need to realize qualities that you need to develop and habits which needs to be eliminated.
  • In order to make progress in personal and professional life, you need to evaluate yourself.

Steps to do self-analysis

1. Understanding your personality type

  • First, you need to judge your attitude and behavior.
  • You should be able to aware of your positive and negative emotion.
  • You should know which kind of a person you are i.e whether you are an extrovert or introvert, openness to experience, adaptable or not, etc.
  • Always try to work out of your comfort zone.

2. Thinking pattern

  • If you start noting down every activity you performed, you will start noticing your thinking pattern.
  • You need to find out your thinking pattern because every action emerges from a certain kind of thoughts.
  • To know more about different types of thinking disposition CLICK HERE.
  • A good thinker has the ability to identify things in a better way.

3. Track yourself

  • Note down each and every task you performed. This will be helpful in doing self-analysis.
  • Keep track of your emotion i.e. which activities make you happier, angry, sad, feel stress, etc.
  • Try to note your task in a notepad instead of using a mobile phone. This will help you to give more value to your task.

4. Approaching appropriate height

  • Built strong self-esteem. Do not care what others think about you.
  • Do not over commit. Try to find out how capable you are in executing any task and work accordingly.
  • At the start don’t take anything as competition and start comparing yourself with others. Be a learner. This will help you a lot in the beginning.
  • You can also keep a role model of your life. This will help you to check your way of living style.


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