About Us

Our Vision

PloPdo was founded with core idea of bringing method to the professional engagements, especially for freshers, as the conventional approaches have failed to stand the demand of gig economy. We are at heart a research firm dedicated to closely monitoring the trends in education and centers of employment and try to craft tailored and comprehensive products which help institutions and individuals focus more on their core competencies and worry less about the tremendous rate at which their  industry and skill requirements are changing. We offer a collection of solutions targeted at educational institutes, individuals as well as companies.

How it Began

Plopdo came about when we realised the need to build an open yet close-knit platform for barter of career related information. There is a growing need for students and professionals alike to learn from a community of like minded individuals who can mentor and guide each other in making career choices. Plopdo is a community of individuals, students and professionals, who learn from their peers and pay it forward by guiding those they can help.

In addition to the information exchange that we facilitate on our platform, at the heart of it, we are a research firm (or so we call ourselves) which focuses on the trends of the ever changing professional sphere. We closely observe and methodically collate information about challenges that individuals face in their professional life. The idea is make our members aware of what lies ahead so that they can focus on working on what they like rather than evaluating choices.

One key benefit we offer to our members, especially the young ones, who associate with us for a longer period is that whenever they feel the need to learn something new, we find them the right courses and also take care of the finances involved. Not just that, we find them suitable job or internship so that they can practice what they learn and by the time they feel they are ready, they can start working like a professional. For those in doubt, but not looking for a long term association, we arrange a mentor who can help them navigate through the maze that they might find themselves stuck in.

Does that pique your curiosity? Would you like to know how it works. Drop a mail at info@plopdo.com and we can help you find a fulfilling way to help those who could benefit from your advice. You may also find this to be a great way for networking!

Our Founders

Bhanu Pratap Singh


Bhanu comes with over 10 years of experience in Education and Education Technology. As a product manager he has worked closely with multiple functions and has good understanding of workings of an organisation. He has a substantial experience in recruitment across roles and is using his knowledge to guide the fresh graduates set the right professional goals and selecting the right sector/profile given their strengths. Bhanu has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay and worked in finance briefly before moving to the emerging field of Ed-tech

Nishith Dulet


Nishith has more than 10 years of diverse experience in the fields of New Business Development, R&D, Product and Project Management. He was a part of the global leadership program at Bosch. His experience includes a deep understanding of the best practices/processes adopted in the automobile industry, which involves a wide range of exposure towards planning, production, application engineering and business development. He is Bachelors and Masters from IIT Bombay with the specialization in Thermal and Fluids Engineering


Murlidhar Sinha

Product Manager

Mr. Murlidhar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Aeronautical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College. Wandering through a complicated maze of jobs, curiosity was his only guide. It made him gain experience in Project Management, Strategy, Hiring, Analytics and Operations management in domains as different from an Unicorn start-up to Bureaucracy, in Demographics as diverse as Metropolitan cities to Rural parts of India like Katihar (Bihar). With a clear view of roles like these he has come to an understanding of what they might offer in short and long term.

Shaan Amonkar

Program Manager

Shaan comes with over two years of experience in coaching students for MBA entrance exams. He has also worked with teams that train students for placements.  When he discovered Plopdo, he felt compelled to join us. In his own words “I was impressed by the efforts PloPdo is making to assist students by personalising each student’s journey. I decided to join the team to strengthen their cause with my expertise”.

Amit Kumar

Operations and Business

Amit spent the first three years of his professional life working at two different firms. At both his stints and through his interaction with his juniors, he could see that there was a lack of guidance for young professionals. He believes most people are enthusiastic and determined but due to lack of guidance end up wasting their time and energy on wasteful opportunities. Here at Plopdo he is working on his passion project

Premratan Kushwaha

Content and Sales

Mechanical Engineer turned career enthusiast. After graduating with good academic credentials he realised that there were no good opportunities at his campus that would interest him and it was virtually impossible to get in off-campus. Once he realised that he is not the only one facing this issue but one of the thousand of young professional struggling with the same, he decided to work towards solving this problem, which he is now doing at PloPdo

Our Partners