Don't wait for the recruiter

Most students keep working on their profile and hope that the right recruiter will discover them instead of searching for what they want because they don't know!

getting a job is not the end goal

Once you get your job, that is where it all begins. Don't tire yourself with the struggle of landing one. Instead spend time to know what you want and grow steadily with time.

what is trending may not be ideal

Students decide upon their career based on what is trending at the moment only to later realise they don't like it. This results in career stagnation as they are unable to perform.

job requires more than skills

No matter how good you are at the skills required for the job you will need to work well with the team and continue learning. It helps a lot if you build a five year horizon

Choose the perfect plan

We don’t want money to be the reason that keeps you from pursuing the career of your dreams. We have various payment plans to suit your needs. Get in touch for more details




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Frequently asked questions

Our core team consists of educators with over 10 years of experience. While they took immense pleasure in helping their students reach the college of their dreams, they often felt that the students were very disappointed with the kind of jobs they were getting at the end of their courses. It took a couple of years to put a plan together but we have identified the key problems and have our solution ready, which will help students smoothly transform from their student life to the kind of professional life they dreamt of

You will be given a G-suite login with us and everything will be conducted online.

The course is designed for students in their final year. The idea is to help them acquire the basic understanding of what choices lie ahead of them and thus make a informed decision. Our services are not limited to assisting you make the right choice, we will hand hold you through the entire process of reaching the job that you want; all the while training you with the relevant skills and knowledge.

We have a team of dedicated career researchers from premier institutes who have at least 5+ years of field specific work experience and have achieved distinction in their respective fields

By its very design the course does not end till you get placed and our aim is to get you placed before you graduate. The entire process is designed such. with various checks in place, that the possibility of you not getting placed is zero.

Additionally we operate in very small batches where each student gets personal attention. So unlike the institution where you are studying, you will never be just another student for us

We strongly urge our students to not let salary be the reason they choose a profession/job. In due time, if you work hard, you will make a lot more money than what your initial job can offer. So we advice our students to focus on learning in the first five years of their professional life. 

But to answer the question specifically, we ensure that your salary will at least be more than the average package at your campus

This year we are opening only 25 seats which are fast getting filled. We are looking for dreamers who aspire to excel in their careers. If you are one of them, don’t let this opportunity slip

The course is already being offered at a massive discount. The total cost of services being offered as part of this program is expected to be Rs 1,25,000. 

For any further queries please write to Use Subject Disha Admission – Name – Date

What Our students say

"It was an exciting journey. I was sure that I am not interested in core job but had no idea what to pursue…….What I liked the most about the course was that help was available every step of the way….."
Digital Marketing
"We always assume that jobs in core companies will be closely associated to our studies in engineering…I was amazed by how much we don’t know about the jobs out there. I am really happy with my current job"
"I was aware how difficult it is to get a job in design. I was ready to start with a different role and then move to design but I was constantly motivated to pursue my dream. Talking to experts helped a lot.."
Mechanical Design
"I was not aware about this profile when we started this course but as we learnt about more profiles I got to know that this role helps me use my knowledge and love for statistics – I am glad I took this course – this was one of my best decisions"
B2B Sales