Understanding Project Management

“Failure is simply opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently“ – Henry Ford    

Understanding Project Management

How to Become an E-Commerce Project Manager - Monterey PremierWhen you have the capability of making the best use of your skills and techniques to deliver a good outcome, in the given period of time.

A Cancelled Plan or a Failed Plan is better Than No Plan

Skills To Become A Good Project Manager

Project Manager Skills List and Examples

Communication is the Gem

When you are able to communicate well and understand things well, half of the work here is completed.

Be a Good Team Player

Have good relations with your teammates, try to get along and understand them better. That’s when a good team leads to better plans and establishes them. 

Leadership Is The Golden Hat

Just being a good team isn’t enough to achieve everything, but having a true leader, the one who is capable of handling situations and understanding the team is important.

Respect Time and Manage It

Time teaches you the greatest lesson, have a schedule and manage your time.

Think Before You Take a Step

Have a rough idea about how things will go about and lessen the risk of a particular project that is going to take place.

Project Management Life Cycle 

Project Management Life Cycle | 5 Amazing Phases of Project Life Cycle


The initiation of the project is done in which research and scope of the project and the profit  is looked upon and then it is  put forward.


After the initiation planning takes place and departments are given certain tasks and responsibilities to handle. In this process the work is basically divided in order to make it easy and convenient and also looked upon easily. 


Here the execution of the project is done, on what design and color to choose and move along for the next stage to take place. So the outcome on how it will attract the client is looked upon.

Monitoring and Controlling

Monitoring and controlling all the whereabouts of the project is done by the project manager, to make sure that the project is ongoing and if there are any errors or problems to be solved.


After completion of the project, it is out for deployment where the reviews are expected. So here in the final stage it is made sure no more changes can be inculcated.

Project Management Methodologies

Waterfall Method

Using Waterfall Methodology for Your Business | Infinity

In this method the stages take place one after the other, and is basically frozen which means changes cannot be made once it moves on to the next stage.

Gathering Requirements

Where all the raw materials are collected and sorted out for the project. Before starting off the research is also done in order to have a fine result.


Next step is where the analysis of the sorted materials is done, to reduce and make it more effective and efficient to use onto the next step. 


A design is made out of the analysis that took place in the previous stage to move onto the coding part.


While coding it is made sure that each and every line is tested so that in the next stage errors are reduced. Coding and testing goes hand in hand.


Basically in the testing stage the codes are tested, usually coding and testing are done together so that changes are made or bugs are removed.


In this final stage the deployment is done and sent to the client for the use and reviews of the model.

Agile Method


Agile Project Management Methodology — Manifesto, Frameworks and Process | by Sudarsan Reddy | Medium

Evaluation of processes and current structure of the company

Before initiating a project, it should assure that the company or the project is not affected with the current situation and move on with the client.

Suggestions for Improvement, Brainstorming

Ideas are thrown which helps understand the current situation and also what might be the outcome for a particular decision.

App Design along with the Client

When the client and the developer work together it helps understand the requirements and the possibility of moving forward with the project.

App Construction and implementation

The development and construction of apps takes place, it becomes easy since the client and the developer go hand in hand.

Monitoring and Evaluation

It is made sure that the things goes well according to the plan, and testing is done in the later part before sending it off to the client so that errors are not found.

How To Upskill Yourself For This Role

8 Helpful Architecture Project Management Software | Hubstaff BlogPractice and Improve

One thing that always makes us better than yesterday is practice, when we get a touch or an idea about how to go with the flow things get easy, keep upgrading yourself.

Attend Workshops and Events

When you attend workshops and events you get a more or less idea about how things work  and to deal with it. Looking at their strategy can be useful and also when it comes to gaining experience it is a plus point indeed.

Success Factors in Project Management

Project Management For Architects- A Necessity or Just Career Option -What leads to a successful project? Just a good team? What really brings out the best are some these following factors 

Clearly Defining and Communicating Project Goals

Having a very clear idea about the project is the main thing. No matter how the idea will be seen from another perspective, knowing the outcome accurately is what is needed. And knowing how to communicate your ideas is mandatory.

Understanding the Scope of Project

Another main factor responsible for the success of the project is by understanding the scope of it. How will it turn out to be or how things will go about if the project is taken up and how will it help the company to grow and benefit.

Good Communication 

As it is always said, communication is the key to success, which is true indeed. You should be able to communicate well in order to lash out errors and chaos.

Managing risks

One more important factor is knowing how to deal with risks. Have to stay alert on how things go about. Problem solving and critical thinking also comes into the picture.

Career Path In Project Management

Project Management - Career path - Ecostar PlanProject Coordinator

 This career path in project management is basically for the ones who don’t really have any experience or are fresher, Since they have to work alongside the Project manager and one can learn a lot from that.

New Product Development Project Manager

This path is suitable for the ones with a good data trend mind, who tend to know well how to grow the charts. Its main aim is how to commercialize and market the product. It not only helps with marketing but also development of product. 

Construction Project Manager

Although this role comes with lots of experience one has to know how to deal with certain tasks. Communicate well, since collaboration with the professionals is common among them. The scope of course depends on how large the company is or how many employees they have.

IT Project Manager

One of the most useful and in this growing world is an IT manager. The main job of the IT project manager is to make sure that the departments work effectively and manage the cost of the company. You must have a particular good skill set in order to succeed in this path.

Environmental Research Project Manager

If you love your nature and want to work in that field then it’s perfect for you! In this position it will vary what things one has to deal with. But as a manager the main responsibility is to assign the tasks and look forward to it by monitoring the staff and also time.

Be a Consultant

This path is once you have worked for several years as a project manager. Things become easy and the main advantage is you get to choose whether you want to work on certain projects or not. Also when to work or not.

Why To Choose Project Management?

Best Project Management Courses to Pursue in 2021 - Leverage Edu

The present scenario shows a high demand of project managers. It doesn’t matter what are the things required to pass but to handle and to look upon the work it’s always good to have a project manager. So it’s good point of choosing to go with this path. When we talk about project managers of course it’s complicated and to deal with a lot of things, but you know it’s worth the deal. 

It is rightly said, a good project manager is not the one who keeps on giving you orders and treating you like slave but a good  manager is defined by his actions and willingness to help the teammates to improve. One thing must’ve surely popped up in your mind. How do they manage all these things by themselves? Well the answer for this question is simple, a lot of determination and hard work is the key. The more you strive to be better, the best version of you arises. Learn to face the challenges. That’s when you’ll have a successful career.




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