4 P's of marketing
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Basics Of Marketing That Everyone Should Know

 “Marketing is about spreading ideas, and spreading ideas is the single most important output of our civilization.” – Seth Godin. What Is Marketing? Marketing is the process of promoting, selling, and delivering products or services and getting feedback on the process. It is a fundamental function in business, which involves identifying the target market for […]

Backend Developer - basics and guide for backend development
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Backend Developer – basics for backend development

What is Backend Development? Backend Development refers to the server-side of all web applications. It constitutes all behind-the-scenes activities that occur when performing any action through the client-side on a website. It focuses on tasks such as database management, scripting, and website architecture. The most common example of backend programming can be observed even while […]

Beginning of your Career
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Things to be considered while beginning your career

“If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting.” -Katherine Hepburn what are your interests? Career interests are what you like doing with respect to activities and work environments. If you identify your career interests it will help you make a well-planned career decision. […]

Sales Enterprise
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What is Enterprise Sales? How does it work?

What do Enterprises Sales mean? “A long sales process involving multiple stakeholders, large deal sizes, and a high perceived risk by the buyer.” As the definition implies, an Enterprise Sales generally refers to a large-scale deal between two parties that takes place for a sizably huge amount making the process much more sophisticated. However, at […]

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“Don’t be one among the Sheep herd, stand out and leave a trail.“ Once the placements are near, students are overwhelmed with what to choose. A majority of students do not want to continue working in their core undergrad fields after graduation; they prefer non-core jobs. What is a non-core job? A non-core job is […]

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Different Types of Analyst Roles

Who is an Analyst ? An analyst is an individual who performs analysis of a topic. He gathers, interprets, and uses complex data to develop actionable steps that will improve processes and optimize results. Day-to-day, he or she assesses company and client needs, receives robust information, and analyzes it, looking for telltale trends or areas […]

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DelC-Smart Electronic Services

Here We have discussed about DelC in solving the problem of home appliances by providing services to customer at their doorstep.And they provide services for various appliances like Washing machine, battery, cellphone, Refrigerant etc. DelC depends on various functions for different user roles like service provider, Technician, Customer and so on. Without them the workflow would not happen. We also discussed about App features for raising complains about devices, Installation or uninstallation, about service status etc. DelC delight the customers by understanding customer needs, improve operational efficiencies for customers, maintaining regular communication and so on.