PloPdo Assisted Rapid Acquisition, Monthly


Spending too much time on entry level role? Yet not getting the right talent? Look no further, PARAM, Plopdo’s monthly job fest is where you need to be every month and never face this issue again. At PARAM we connect companies with candidates who are pre-vetted by us so you can get your future employees without any delay


Most students face the problem of reaching their prospect employers and even after the process begins, the amount of waiting one has to do before you get results can be harrowing. Here we have created a platform where we vett candidates ourselves and connect them with relevant companies only thereby making this process quick

Who can particapate?


Companies looking for immediate joins for roles which are entry level or less than two years of experience can came here to quickly close their open positions. The candidates appearing for interviews are pre-vetted by us and thus participating companies will be able to close their vacancies quickly and more reliably, with a higher assurance that the candidate will join


Students can submit their applications and the one’s deemed ready for joining a full time role will be allowed to participate. Students will be charged a small amount which will be refunded if they do not get a job or join the company where they were selected. Only the students who do not join  the firm where they got an offer from stand to lose this deposit amount

How it is conducted?

Param will be conducted between the third and the fourth Sunday of every month. Registration for PARAM will not be entertained during this week, only the candidates who are already registered will be considered for interviews. The final results for the rounds conducted within the week will be declared by the end of the week and selected candidates will receive their offer letters.

Please note, the candidate with notice period greater than ten days will not be considered during this process. Only candidates who are available immediately or within 10 days are eligible to appear. The same applies to the companies as well, participating companied have to finish their rounds within the week and ensure that offers are rolled out by the end of the week. The list of participating candidates and companies will be displayed on this page as soon as the registration begins 

Companies For Internship

  • Designway Agency

Companies for Recruitment

  • Oneassure
  • Probo
  • Designway Agency

Students for Internship

  • Himanshu Jha (Sales)
  • Shukur Mamlekar (Sales)
  • Deepshikha Sengar
  • Somya Barjatya
  • Avishek Ghosh
  • Vivekananda Giri
  • Ibrahim Khan
  • Swarup Mahata
  • Samir Shit
  • Santanu Rana
  • Suyash Patidar
  • Shreya Shukla

Students for Recuitment

  • Pranjali Savaikar (UI Development)
  • Arya Manekar (Front End Development)
  • Prajesh Maulankar (Web Development)