Time Management

How to stay balanced and focused in a busy schedule?

1. Become self-aware

  • First, you should not panic about the workload. Stay calm and focus on the present task.
  • Don’t let your confusion and anxiety dominate over your consciousness.
  • Don’t let your focus and dedication down.
  • You should clearly know the task that needs to be done first, second and so on.
  • When you are at home don’t let your workload disturbs your family time.
  • Avoid social media and unusual use of a phone to get more distracted.

2. Focus on one thing at a time

  • You planning should be very clear. Prioritize your task to avoid confusion.
  • Focus on the current task and don’t allow any activities distract you.
  • When you are doing any task, make sure that you meet deadlines. Otherwise, it will create more burden.
  • Do not start any other task before completing the previous one.

3. Do not over commit

  • Do not stretch yourself too much. Just find out your capability and work accordingly.
  • Do not allow your will to get dominate over your skill.
  • It is okay to say ‘NO’. The advantage of saying it is you are saving time in one or the other way.
  • If possible delegate the task to your subordinates.

4. Be practical

  • Do not allow your emotion to dominates over rational thinking.
  • Appreciate yourself to stay motivated.
  • Do not allow your past and the future to get dominate over your present.
  • Note down everything to keep a track of your activity. This will give you a kind of visualization of your task.

5. Stay motivated

  • It is very important to stay motivated while managing a busy schedule.
  • Take some time for a break. This will help you to keep fresh and energetic.
  • Daily go for a walk in the morning or do exercise to stay healthy.
  • Nourish your soul with the help of meditation.
  • Do not kill child living in yourself.
  • You should take proper sleep.

6. Get organised

  • Make sure that your busy schedule should not long last.
  • Find out the causes that make you busy instead of making organized. Find out the solution and eliminate it.
  • After getting out of your busy schedule, get things organized well to avoid hectic schedule in future.
  • Always be consistent in your work. Avoid distraction as much as possible.


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