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What is comfort zone? How to get out of your comfort zone?

What is comfort zone?

  • All of us have a natural tendency to form a comfort zone around us.
  • It is human spatial behavior in which a person feels safe to do their activities.
  • In simple words, comfort zone is a living pattern where you do not required extra energy to deal with your activities.
  • Working in comfort zone, a person does not feel stress or anxiety and have a mindset that everything is going well.
  • While living in a comfort zone, one will not try to do new things.

Causes of living in comfort zone

  • You do not have any goals and objective in your life.
  • You are not aware of the fast-changing world around you.
  • Sometimes you have the goal and objective but you are dedicated and focused to it.
  • You are not taking any risk because of the fear of failure.
  • Lack of creativity, flexibility and adaptability.
  • A habit of ignoring mistakes also makes you fall in the comfort zone.

How does the ‘magic’ happen?

  • It is very difficult to come out of a comfort zone because it is our psychological state where we do not realize the need for taking a risk.
  • While living in a comfort zone you will be safe in your day to day life because you are not trying for the new thing that may lead to failure.
  • It is almost impossible to learn and grow while living in your comfort zone.
  • Therefore it is important to get out of a comfort zone.
Your comfort zone

Steps to get out of a comfort zone

1. Always have an objective

  • To get out of comfort zone you need to have a well-defined objective.
  • Don’t keep yourself blank any time. Try to keep yourself busy otherwise, you will start feeling laziness.
  • If you will have a clear objective you will be energetic in doing an activity.
  • Try to avoid long term objective, focus mainly on short term goal. Because short term goal will help you in accomplishing long term objective.

2. Planning to achieve objective

  • If you have an objective but not planning then again you will fall into a comfort zone.
  • You need to prioritize your work.
  • After prioritization, you should schedule your work.
  • Do not procrastinate your task and try to meet deadlines.

3. Don’t take anything for granted

  • If you have a habit of ignoring mistakes then it is sure that you are on the way towards comfort zone.
  • Have a strong communication with yourself. This will make you keep focused.
  • Take each and every activity seriously irrespective of its importance. This will make you value your goal.
  • Always be accountable to keep things on track.

4. Take risk

  • You should not be afraid of failure. If you are having a fear of failure then you will not put your best in achieving your goal.
  • If you will take a risk then you will put yourself on a challenge. By this, you are agreed to yourself that you are capable of doing it.

5. Be creative, flexible and adaptable

  • You need to have some time for creative work. This will make you fresh and energetic in doing a job.
  • You need to be flexible and adaptable so that you can change yourself according to the requirement of the situation.


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