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What is EVP? How to choose the right company?

While you are trying your best to get a job, companies themselves are trying their best to attract the best talent. It is important that you find the right career for yourself but it is also equally important to find the right company to work with because the way you spend the first few years of your professional life shapes you and makes you the kind of professional you will be for the rest of your life. Starting with a good company can help you form a clearer picture of the kind of future you want for yourself. And while it is important to get clarity  and learn the right work ethic, it is also just as important to learn how to value your work and make sure you get rewarded suitably.

Now, if you are only starting with a career you may not be aware of what a company can offer you for your services. Most people think that salary is the only measure of the reward they get from a company. The efforts that a company makes to suitably reward its employees for their work  and keep them happy; to ensure they don’t leave can be measure in a parameter which is define as Employee Value Proposition or EVP. Brett Minchington coined the term in 2005 to measure what a company offers an employee in return for their services. EVP is measured with five key criteria mentioned below (source: Gartner):

  1. Opportunity: Opportunity refers to the growth possibilities for you as an individual and the company as a whole. This is not limited to promotion, but actually refers to the diversity that your current role offers and also the possibility of making as transition to a different role in the same company so that you get more exposure because your future growth and job opportunities depend remarkably on the amount of exposure you get.
  2. People: When you start working, you will be spending most of your day with the other people who work there. “A man is known by the company he keeps”, as has been famously said and is very true for your professional life as well. The people you work with will not only shape your opinion but they are a representative of a brand which you will also be identified with. This is especially true for mid-level and smaller firms. Also, soft skills like leadership are learnt from your first job and they are very important at later stages of your career.
  3. Organisation: This may come as a surprise for you, but more than the work you do, people value the firm where you have been working. This is because every organisation has a specific market position and the things you do and learn are aligned with the same. So your learnings and future prospects depend very heavily on how a specific company is trying to position itself. So you can never find the right company to work with unless you learn to identify how any company has positioned itself. Other than positioning another things you must pay attention to, is how much the product is valued by the users and what is their perception of it.
  4. Work: It may seem that work has been positioned much lower than it deserves to be, but that is the truth, if you don’t feel like you are at the right place with the right people you may not get inspired to work. Incompatibility with team still remains one of the key reasons people change jobs. The other reason this has been given a lower priority is that when you are new, you are not even fully aware of what the job entails. That said, it is still important to know what kind of role you want to take up.
  5. Rewards: This is often the first consideration for someone starting a career but it really should be the last of your concerns when you are starting your job. If you get the right experience and manage to become an expert of a domain money will chase you. Another thing here is to understand that the salary you are offered has many components and it is very important to pay attention to what that split is. So when you take up your first job, make sure that you see the list of these components.

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