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Leadership in Business Management: What are the Managerial skills?

Excellent leadership in business management leads the organisation towards the right direction. Leadership direct and guide their team to work towards the accomplishment of the organisational goal. Leadership in business management also required some technical aspects. Here I have listed some leadership qualities required for business management.

Time Management

Time is one of the most important parameter in business management. Because if you are completing your task without time domain then it will not yield a better result. There should be a perfect balance between the time taken to complete a particular task and accuracy of that task. Managerial leaders should prioritize their task to increase the productivity. Try to avoid postponing of already scheduled task. To become more efficient in Time Management, follow Time Management Matrix.

Time Management Matrix

Be Organised

In any organisation everything needs to be well organised. Otherwise this will cause wastage of time which will cost to the organisation. Therefore it is the responsibility of leaders to keep things organised. Organising any task needs perfect planning and staffing of employee according to their strength and weaknesses. Leaders should build good co-ordination between their employees to avoid communication gap. The best way to organise task in a proper manner is to avoid multitasking. Leaders should also avoid long term planning. Because long term planning consist of many intangible factors which will lead to confusion. Leaders should review their daily task, what they have done.

Know your people

Leaders should treat their employees as friends. They should know what all are their strength and weaknesses. This will help in assigning task accordingly. Managerial leaders should always motivate their employees to have complete focus on goal. They should give more priorities to their employees rather than the profit. Leaders need to be very honest and be transparent towards the employees.

Decision making and problem solving

This is also one of the most important aspect of leadership. This section needs some technical methods to deal with it. Leaders need to be aware of every consequences of implementing any decision. In problem solving leader should first indentify the problem and then find the alternative solutions. In decision making leader should implement every alternative and choose the best one.

Creative and Innovation

Creating innovative ideas is a part of employee job. Every employee should given time for creativity and innovation. Giant companies have already started this trend. This makes employee more energetic towards their work. Most of the organisation don’t even have R and D department. This things stop creativity and innovation. Leaders should always look for new products, new methods and strategies to make the organisation more effective towards the achievement of the goal.


Leaders should have visionary skills. They should well aware of market condition, because from market itself they will get their objective to set goals. They should use past and present data to forecast the future data. This will increase the probability of happening the future event more accurately. Every project is based on specific assumptions. Leaders should use statistical tools and method to make parameters more visible.

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