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Leadership in Military Organisation.

It is very important that the security of any country is at its best level. There are many types of security that government provides to its people. Different types of security include political security, economical security, social security and physical security. Physical security is foremost important. It deals with the border security of the country. Many countries are facing cross border terrorism and threat of the neighbouring countries. People in the country should feel secure and safe. Therefore it is important to have excellent leadership in military organisation. Here I have listed some fine leadership qualities in military organisation.

Lead from the front

The way of leading a team in military organisation is very important. Because in military, team work is the main tool for completing any mission and projects. Leadership in military organisation is of Bureaucratic Leadership type. Here each and every decision is taken by the leader itself. Leaders are responsbile for the prons and cons of any task. Hence they should be aware of every activity perormed by their soldiers.

Critical Thinking

Leading officers in military organisation should have the ability to analyse and evaluate any issues. They should be aware of historical, political, geographical and social domain of their country. They should be able to withstand and solve any dangerous happening. Military officers should have the ability to take fast decision accurately.

Morale and Physical courage

In military, courage is required to execute any operation. Moral courage represents the ability to overcome emotional fear. Military officers should have dedication and loyalty towards their country. They should also try to maintain traditional military values. Physical courage is about the ability to overcome bodily fear like injuries, pain, death, ect. Military officers should be strong enough to excercise any military operation. They should take this profession as serving to people rather taking as a job.

Adaptability and Realism

The military officers should be adaptable to any situation. And they should have ability to face that situation accordingly. Adaptability may in terms of environment, health, timing, living style or whatever they should be ready for everyone. Realism is behavior of accepting the situation as it is. The officers should be prepared to deal with any kind of scenarios.

Courageous Communication

In military, leaders have the whole authority take any kind of decision. This may lead to communication gap. Hence to maintain good communication and co-ordination leader should always interact with their soldiers. Leaders should keep their soldiers informed about each and every activity. Communication should be very strong while giving orders because strong communication from the leader induces dedication towards the work.

Self Confidence, Not Egoism

Leadership in military organisation is very different from the leadership in business management. In military almost everything is in the hands of officers. What order comes from the above must have to follow by the lower rank soldiers. The officer should understand that it is a hierarchical procedure rather treating them as a slave. This behavior may leads to egoism in officers. This may demoralize the lower rank soldiers. Officers should not convert their self confidence into egoism.

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