What are skills required for the Democratic Leadership?

1. Effective Communication and Interaction

In democratic leadership, everyone has an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. This is great but a disadvantage is that it may lead to an inaccurate result. Therefore it is important to have effective communication and interaction. Here I have listed some technique to build effective communication.

  • In democratic leadership, member in-charge should first listen to their group member to make them involve to share more information.
  • Leaders should give language choices if possible.
  • Instead of communicating through social media or phone call, leaders should give time and meet personally to every member.
  • Leaders should ask questions so that information, thoughts and ideas are clearly understood.

2. Trust and Respect all Ideas

Since every member participates in decision making, it is necessary that everybody is trusted and respected by everyone. Otherwise, this will lead to incoherence. Here is the list regarding implementing trust and respect.

  • Leaders should always lead by a related example so that every idea are clearly understood.
  • It is the responsibility of leader that everyone is listening and showing interest in every kind of ideas.
  • If any ideas are irrelevant then the leader should cancel it without disappointing anyone.

3. Creativity and Innovation

Creating innovative ideas is a part of employee job. Every employee should given time for creativity and innovation. Giant companies have already started this trend. This makes the employee more energetic towards their work. Here is the list of ideas to become creative and innovative.

  • Leaders should always look for a new product, new methods and strategies to make employees more involved.
  • Every organization should have R and D department.
  • Organizing festival events or planning for tours.
  • Leaders should tolerate mistake if possible.

4. Competence and Fairness

The leader should be capable of solving any type of uncertainty. And leader should also encourage their employee in doing so. The leader must be very transparent towards everyone.

  • Leaders should have the ability to handle their group member.
  • Leaders should not bias with any employee. The open working environment provides safety to every employee.
  • Leaders should have forward thinking, since it is the leader who needs to be very clear about an assigned task.

5. Moral Values

Leaders should not only focus on work but also on moral values. Because moral values help to keep things very clear. Leaders should give more priorities to employees rather giving to profit. Here is the list of moral values that need to follow by everyone.

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Truthfulness
  • Respect
Democratic Leadership

6. Delegation of task

Leaders should know their people, their qualities and capabilities. Accordingly, leaders should assign the task. They should always keep their eye on every ongoing activity to know which employee is interested in which work. Important points needs to be consider.

  • Leaders should have the idea of the time required for every assigned task.
  • Leaders should not assigned task to employees for which they are not capable.
  • Leaders should always give instructions and asked related questions every interval. Simultaneously leaders should teach new skills to their employees.

7. Always ask for Feedback

Leaders should always ask for the feedback from employees as well as from their users or customers. This will help to make things clear in future. If there is a negative feedback, accept it and start working on it. Feedback is the most powerful tool to check customer’s satisfaction.

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