What are characteristics of Bureaucratic leadership?

1. Well structured management

  • The structure is well organized and stable.
  • Bureaucratic management has handwritten rules and regulations. And it is the responsibility of the high-rank officer to look after.
  • Bureaucratic leaders must be detail oriented. They should be well aware of each project and its related stats.
  • In bureaucratic management, there is a system of rules that outlines the rights and responsibilities of subordinates.

2. A formal hierarchical structure

  • Bureaucratic management has well defined ranking of authority.
  • It consist of different ranks in a hierarchy where higher rank officer controls and manages the lower rank officers.
  • Selection and promotion of subordinates in based on qualification and specialization.
  • In bureaucratic management, every subordinate is controlled by terms and policies.

3. Strong minded and courageous

  • Officers in the bureaucratic management need to be very strong to maintain the well structured framework.
  • A large workforce is to be controlled, hence it is necessary for the leader to be strong and courageous.
  • They need to be confident and committed to their work.
  • They should be capable of withstanding dangerous situations.
Max Weber’s major principle

4. Task oriented

  • The high rank officer should clearly define the task to their subordinates.
  • Task needs to be performed should be detail oriented.
  • Guideline needs to follow all the time in order to accomplish the task.
  • The officer should have the ability to monitor the scheduled task.
  • They focus mainly on achieving the output rather focusing on innovation and empowerment.

5. Hard working

  • They need to be passionate because they usually perform a repetitive task.
  • In bureaucratic management, subordinates should have the ability to finish the assigned objective.
  • Officers need to maintain quality and standard of work.
  • Bureaucratic leaders should make the systematic procedures of dealing with different work situations.

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