What are skills required for Strategic leadership?

1. Self analysis

  • The strategic leaders need to be self aware of their strength, weakness and emotions that will impact others.
  • They should be well aware of activities that they are doing which will affect the organization.
  • Leaders should keep themselves updated with every stats.
  • They should keep themselves in control which will distract or disturbs the working environment.

2. Ability to create a vision

  • The leader should have ability to forecast the thing required for setting new goals and objectives.
  • They should have the ability to balance between the vision and execution.
  • Leaders should have ability to align short-term goals with long-term goals.
  • Strategic leaders should always look for the opportuinities to improve.
  • They should need to match the demand of customers with the supply from the company.

3. Ability to make effective decisions

  • Strategic leaders plays main role in decision making.
  • They need to be transparent while making decisions.
  • Decisions made should be based on past data, present data and as well as forecasted data.
  • They need to monitor the decisions which are already implemented and perform the changes if necessary.

4. Accountability and Insightfulness

  • The leader needs to evaluate the performance of each employee.
  • The leader should have a deep understanding of space and forces that gives the opportunity to grow.
  • They need to be very conscious about obstacles that comes in between the success of the team.
  • They need to focus on changes in the market like new trends in customers, development in technology, etc.
  • Leaders should have a strong sense of accountability.
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5. Moral and Behavioral qualities

  • Leaders need to be disciplined and loyal in their life.
  • They should have passion and dedication towards their work.
  • They should always possess a positive body language to bring confidence in their employees.
  • Strategic leaders need to be open minded to speak the truth and should be transparent in their approach.
  • They should be courageous to withstand in difficult situations.

6. Creativity and Innovation

  • Leaders should always look for a new product, new methods and strategies to make employees more involved.
  • Every organization should have R and D department.
  • Organizing festivals, events and allowing employees to work sometime on their hobbies.
  • This makes the employee more energetic towards their work.

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