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Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world and has recently overtaken Java to become the king in the world of programming. Its creator Guido van Rossum made it an open-source programming language, making it easily available for masses. It is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language, which is object-oriented with dynamic semantics and an extensive support modules with community development. Its syntax has similarities with the English language, making it easy for novice programmers to leap into the world of development, this helps the programmers write clear, logical code for small and large-scale projects. It consists of comprehensive standard library and hence often described as a “batteries included” language.

Where is it used?

Python is used in numerous places, from writing small scripts and home automation to creating an AI,

Following are some examples of where Python is applied.

1. AI and machine learning 

It’s perfect for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) projects, as it’s a stable, flexible, and simple programming language, Python is also a favorite language among data scientists, and there are many Python machine learning and AI libraries and packages available. 

2. Data analytics 

Data analytics is a rapidly developing field just like AI and machine learning that utilizes Python programming. There is a need for someone who can collect, manipulate and organize the information in a world where average of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is produced every day.

Data science and analytics makes sense with python. For analysis of data, python is relatively quick, easy to use and well-supported. Manipulating and carrying out repetitive tasks on huge amount of data is quite flexible with python. 

3. Programming applications 

Python is used to program all kinds of applications. It is used to read and create file directories, create GUIs and APIs, and more. From blockchain applications, audio and video apps, to machine learning applications, you can build them all with Python. 

4. Web development 

When it comes to web development, Python is a great choice. This because of the many Python web development frameworks available to choose from, such as Django, Pyramid, and Flask. These frameworks have been used to create sites and services such as Spotify, Reddit and Mozilla. 

Thanks to the extensive libraries and modules that come with Python frameworks, functions such as database access, content management, and data authorisation are all possible and easily accessible. Given its versatility, it’s hardly surprising that Python is so widely used in web development. 

5. Game development 

Python is not a standard in game development but there are some uses in this industry. Simple games can be created using this language, this makes python best tool for developing a prototype ASAP. Similarly, certain functions (such as dialogue tree creation) are possible in Python. 

6. Language development

The simple and elegant design of Python and its syntax has inspired the creation of new programming languages. Languages such as Cobra, CoffeeScript, and Go all use a similar syntax to Python. we

This fact also means that Python is a useful gateway language. So, if you’re totally new to programming, understanding Python can help you branch out into other areas more easily. 

7. Finance 

Finance world is increasingly using Python in areas such as quantitative and qualitative analysis. It can be a valuable tool in determining asset price trends and predictions, as well as in automating workflows across different data sources.

Python’s flexibility in handling big data sets and availability of libraries makes it preferred choice in finance world.

8. Computer Vision and Image Processing

Python is used in rapidly expanding fields of computer vision and image processing.

Image processing processes an image, apply’s transformations to it, and outputs a processed version of the original image.

Computer vision makes the computer understand and interpret an image which makes it a complex process. Python allows developers to automate tasks that involve visualization.

9. Biology and Bioinformatics.

Python also has amazing applications in the world of Biology and Bioinformatics. These include processing DNA sequences, simulating population dynamics and genetics, and modeling biochemical structures.

example. Biopython, Rosalind

10. Graphical User Interface (GUI) development

Python can be used to create graphical user interfaces with tools like tkinter.

Desktop applications can be programmed using Python. Python provides Tkinter Library for development of user interfaces. Other useful toolkits like wxWifgets, kivy, PYQR can be used for creation of applications on different platforms.

example: Web Scraping Applications, Audio and Video Applications, CAD Applications

There are numerous other uses such as:


Autonomous vehicles



Importance of Python.

Easy to use

Newcomers and beginners can easily learn python. Python easily accessible programming language as it has simplified and non-complicated syntax which makes it appear to be a natural language. Python codes are easily written and executed faster than other programming languages because of it’s easy to learn and use.

When Guido van Rossum was creating python in the 1980s, he made sure to design it to be a general-purpose language. Python’s syntax simplicity might be one of the main reasons for it’s popularity as it makes it easy to read and understand by amateur developers who are just entering the world of programming.

Supportive Python Community

Python had enough time of more than 30 years to grow and mature enough to support developers from beginners to expert. There are plenty of documentation, guides and Video Tutorials for Python language are available that learner and developer of any skill level or ages can use and receive the support required to enhance their knowledge in python programming language.

 Some of the computer science students first language is Python.

Many programming languages fail because of developer support or documentation. This is not the case for python as it has been here for a long time now. It has one of the most active programming language community.

Developers ranging from beginner to expert level, all have access to community when they encounter any difficulty with their project.

Corporate Sponsors

Growth of programming language depends on corporate sponsors. Example PHP is backed by Facebook, Java by Oracle and Sun, Visual Basic & C# by Microsoft. Python Programming language is heavily backed by Facebook, Amazon Web Services, and especially Google.

Google has been using Python for a long time now and have created numerous projects ever since. Google has invested a lot of money and institutional effort for training and success of python language. There is even a dedicated portal created by Google for python. The list of support tools and documentation keeps on growing for python language in the developers’ world.

Numerous Libraries and Frameworks

You can save your time and effort on the initial cycle of development by using python’s excellent libraries which are a result of corporate sponsorship and big supportive community.

Libraries with specific focus are also available like nltk for natural language processing or scikit-learn for machine learning applications.

Efficient, Reliable, and Fast

Python language is efficient, reliable, and much faster than most modern languages. Python can be used in nearly any kind of environment, and one will not face any kind of performance loss issue.

One more best thing about versatility of python language is that it can be used in many varieties of environments such as mobile applications, desktop applications, web development, hardware programming, and many more. The versatility of python makes it more attractive to use due to its high number of applications.

Big data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Big Data are a trend in the computer science world right now, which helps lots of organizations to transform and improve their processes and workflows.

After R language for data science and analytics, Python is the second most popular. Many data processing workloads in the organization are powered by python language only. Most of the research and development takes place in python language due to its many applications, including ease of analyzing and organizing the usable data.

Not only this, but hundreds of python libraries are being used in thousands of machine learning projects every day, such as TensorFlow for neural networks and OpenCV for computer vision, etc.

First-choice Language

Python language is the first choice for many programmers and students this one of the main reason for python being in high demand in the development market. Students and developers always look forward to learning a language that is in high demand. Python is undoubtedly the hottest cake in the market now.

Many programmers and data science students are using python language for their development projects. Learning python is one of the important section in data science certification courses.  In this way, the python language can provide plenty of fantastic career opportunities for students. Due to the variety of applications of python, one can pursue different career options and will not remain stuck to one.

The Flexibility of Python Language

Flexibility of Python language allows the developer to try something new. An expert programmer is not limited to try his old ideas but has an opportunity with Python to try something new that which he has never tried before  

Python doesn’t restrict developers from developing any sort of application. This kind of freedom and flexibility by just learning one language is not available in other programming languages.

Use of python in academics

Now python language is being treated as the core programming language in schools and colleges due to its countless uses in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, etc. It has now become a fundamental part of the development world that schools and colleges cannot afford not to teach python language.

This way python developers and programmers are increasing more and more and thus further expanding its growth and popularity.


Python is a rapidly growing programming language and most used programming language in the world, making it quite future proof and with rapid digitization, the future scope of python is quite bright. Python has become core language in different latest technologies. In future there will be a tremendous amount of automating processes and utilization of heaps of data and this data will require artificial intelligence. Python is quite useful when it comes to artificial intelligence, deep learning and internet of things (IOT) where these technologies like IOT will be rapidly used for home automation, growing use of smartphones and cars with computers will need artificial intelligence where python works beautifully. Huge chunks of data collected through different digital documentation from government, private offices and CCTV footages etc., can work perfectly with deep learning. All of these technologies will be tremendously used in the coming future which further stretches out python’s scope in. It also easily replaces most of the programming languages in many the fields


So basically Python is a programing language that is used anywhere and everywhere from simple scripts to application in Artificial Intelligence and Image processing.

It is an attractive option because of its simplicity and readability. Also the availability of libraries, support modules and dynamic semantics makes it easier to use.

It is also the most used programming language in the world that is open source and hence it is future proof for the developer, adding to the fact that it is open source programming language, we can safely call it the best programming language currently available.

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