What leadership skills we can learn from kids?

Are you a great learner? Learning should never be stopped. Learners learn from anything, anytime and anywhere. And most people directly connect their success with learning i.e. if you are learning new things, it means you are a success. And one of the fine qualities of leadership is to become a learner. Learning new things will make changes at the level of knowledge, attitude, and behavior. Because of learning, leaders are able to see the world differently.

Ever wondered how kids can teach us the best leadership lessons? Here we have discussed how kids can be a good source of inspiration? If you observe kids closely, you will notice that they can teach us a lot about leadership.

1. Thirst for knowledge

  • It is very common in kids that they ask a lot of questions. This shows that they are desire to know more about everything.
  • Children do not shy to ask any silly questions as well. And sometimes their silly question itself becomes a good reason to keep ourselves updated.
  • They are constantly seeking more answers as they are curious to understand things around them from a different perspective and churn out new information.
  • Kids even put their whole energy and passion for things we do. They are not afraid to try new things.
  • Every new activity children do is out of their comfort zone. They are not even capable to evaluate possible outcomes as adults can. When you look at it from their perspective, you will realize that children are real risk-takers.

2. Every day is a new one

  • It is incredible to make every tomorrow a new day free of mistakes and failure. For kids, every day is full of hopes.
  • Seeing the way the kids approach each day and activity teaches us many things. Their attitude towards their daily routine will make you feel dedicated and passionate about your work.
  • Kids live every moment full of life. For them, it’s not even day to day, rather every hour, every minute is new.
  • As a leader, you have to live every moment. You cannot make yourself focused too much on the past or future.

3. Being creative and innovative

  • Most of the time kids think out of the box. This makes them involved and keeps them motivated.
  • Children are not afraid to try new things. They are not even scared of failure, feeling embarrassed and getting hurt.
  • Creativity teaches you to balance your professional and personal life.
  • To be an effective leader it is required to be creative and innovative.

4. Collaboration

  • Kids don’t judge other kids on the basis of religion or financial background. If you observe them while doing any activities you will find that they put more effort while working in a group.
  • They even interact with groups of unknown children with great comfort and confidence.
  • Kids are good-hearted and always show kindness with whom they meet.
  • They are even transparent, honest and sincere among their group that in turn brings them happiness and emotional fulfillment.
  • If you want to be a good leader you need to be compassionate and treat everyone equally.

5. Persistence but adaptable and resilient

  • When we observe kids playing we see that they are extremely persistent. They don’t give up easily.
  • They stick to one thing once they have decided to get it. But at the same time, they forget if they don’t perceive it. Make themselves focused on another new one.
  • When kids faced with any challenging situation, they think of alternatives ways to come out of the situation. On the other hand, we start thinking of all the negatives and risks of failure and try to avoid them.
  • Adults are not good at this. As we grow older, we fixed our own boundaries in various aspects. But leaders have to rise to challenges and have to be resilient to new circumstances and situations.

6. Get moving

  • Children are extremely optimistic. When kids are faced with a possibility, they think big.
  • Kids have an amazing ability to take a situation, reframe it and move on.
  • Kids don’t have egos. They just forgive, hold no grudges and move on.
  • We must learn to act fearlessly like children do in all possible situations and keep moving.


Premratan Kushwaha
Mechanical Engineer turned career enthusiast. After facing issues in finding the right job for myself and then realising that despite my degree I don't completely understand the significance of various profiles in the industry, I decided to make career out of helping others in finding the right career path.

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