Parental Leadership: How should parent lead?

Parental leadership is a very important factor for nourishing children towards behavior, health, education, human ethics, social and environmental awareness. At the end, every parent wants their children to be successful. When we talk about success, it is very subjective in itself. Everyone defines success in their own way. But the most common thing about success is that it will lead to satisfaction.

Therefore it is a great responsibility of the parent to understand their children’s interest and guide them accordingly. Parent leadership is for the parent, grandparent, relative, guardian or anyone else who is involved in the parenting role. Their main role is to provide resources and services to strengthen the family.

Skills required for Parental Leadership


The good bonding between the parents and their children is the first requirement of parental leadership. The parent should always listen to their children and understand their feeling. The parent should try to be more focused on their feeling rather focusing on words. Mutual respect is most important is maintaining trust. The parent should always keep their promises because this small thing makes children happy and even loyal.


Parents should always motivate and inspire their children without any demand for a good result. They should more focus on children’s interest. Parents should provide support and guide their children accordingly. And the most important thing is to tell your child to take a lead. To inspire your children, tell them some inspirational stories and always lead by some example. Always let them do new things to make them creative.


Parents should encourage their children to give their opinion so that children can feel free to share anything. Even if you disagree with your child’s opinion, first let them complete and after you tell your viewpoint and politely make them understand. There should be an open end to end conversation. Always talk after several intervals and share every incident. Parents should accept their mistake if they were wrong. This makes children feel very comfortable with their parent.


Basically children learn what they see in their surrounding. So before teaching moral values like honesty, respect, kindness, compassion, etc; first parent should have these qualities. This will create a great impact otherwise, only words will not make any difference. Parents should tell their children to follow good habits and discipline by implementing themselves. Parents should also have a watch on their child’s friends. Because good friends matter a lot in everyone’s life.


When you are spending time with anyone it means that you are sharing your energy. Spending is considered as the best way of human interaction. So the parent should spend quality time with their children rather communicating more with social media. Daily they should fix their timing like doing morning exercises and dinner together. Parents should also spend some time when their children sit for studying. They can even have an outside plan at least once a year.


There is no doubt that every parent loves their children and also gives punishment if required. But creating a balance between these two is quite a difficult job. But it is required to shape the child’s future. So parents should well aware of each and every activity of their children. Parents should know when and where to show their strict behavior. Parents should also make their children realize that they are there for them anytime and anywhere.

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