How to be creative and innovative in the workplace?

Meaning of creativity

  • Creativity is one’s ability to adopt a new idea or procedure to construct a process which results in production of essentially a new product or a new methodology.
  • Creativity is not limited to the object, person or profession. It is associated with all areas of life like business, technology, playing, working, social and political interaction, etc.
  • Being creative is a part of your job. This reduces stress and develops an interest in completing the task.
  • Creativity is not similar to intelligence. It iss not necessary that only intelligent people are creative. Everyone is creative in their own ways.

Meaning of innovative

  • Creativity and innovation are the keys to growth and success of every organization.
  • Creativity is imagining and generating new ideas. While innovation is the implementation of creativity. In simple words, innovation is the result of creativity.
  • Unlike creativity, innovation can be measured.
  • Innovation comprises of strategy, practice, methods and approach.

Developing creativity and innovative skills

1. Be curious and motivated

  • Always try to learn something from every day to day moment.
  • Try to think out of the box. This will make you involve and keeps you motivated.
  • To become curious, it is very necessary that you are doing your job in your area of interest.
  • Sometimes you should try for the new thing that you don’t know how to do it.

2. Be specific about the objective

  • Being creative and innovative does not mean that you will change your objective at any moment.
  • Make sure that your final objective does not change. This will reduce the chances of failure.
  • Always try to rely on merit instead of prediction.
  • There should be a balance between independence and collaboration while making any decision.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

  • If you need any help then the best way is to approach relevant people instead of searching on the internet.
  • Take out some time and approach random people to talk about your new ideas. Note down each and every feedback.
  • Surround yourself with people who support and encourage your happiness and development.
  • You should also read some books which keeps you innovative and motivated.

4. Form R & D department

  • It is one of the main sources to promote creativity and innovation among employees.
  • Business management should promote experimentation and support failure.
  • R & D empowers employees to make decisions and take actions.
  • To promote an innovative culture in management it is necessary to have R & D in each and every department of the organization.

5. Get out of the office

  • You should balance your work and personal life.
  • You should take out some time for arts like listening to music, painting and other hobbies.
  • You should take a regular break to keep yourself focused.


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