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Most popular Women’s magazines in India

Most popular Women’s magazine in India

  1. GRIHSHOBHA: It is biweekly published women oriented magazine. It covers every aspects of women related activities like stories, beauty, food, health and relationship. Grihashobha is published in eight languages. It also cover up the inspirational stories to encourage their readers.
  2. MERI SAHELI: It publishes articles on women related activities. Their main focus is on career, education and finance. It encourages reader to adopt new thinking and concept. They also provide cultural values and rich tradition. They also focus on fashion, beauty, health and fitness and relationship. It is available in hindi.
  3. WOMEN’S ERA: Its first edition was launched in the year 1973. It belong to Delhi Press publication. They publishes articles in the area related to the health, astro,fashion and relationship. It is published after every two weeks in english language.
  4. GRIHALAKSHI: It is available every two week in Malayalam language. It is published by Matrabhumi group. It covers all the sections related to books, money, food and fitness. They also publish some inspirational stories to encourage their readers.
  5. FILMFARE: It is available in english and hindi language. It provide latest celebrity update, new upcoming movies, reviews on latest movies. They also cover the article related to relationship, fashion and beauty.
  6. VOGUE: It is basically a US based magazine popular in India. It was launched in the year 1892. It encourages their readers in the areas like fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Articles based on culture and on living style are also available. You can subscribe the Vogue magazine monthly.
  7. SHE THE QUEEN MAGAZINE: This magazines mostly speaks about celebrity updates, fashion, health and fitness. Their main focus is on lifestyle, personal qualities and behavior. They also publishes article related to tours and travels.
  8. LA POLO: It is an Indian magazine popular for its lifestyle section. It guides you with several ways of dressing and other living style. If you want to be the best at personal attitude and behavior, this magazine proves to be the excellent one.
  9. SARAS SALIL: It is available in every two weeks in 5 languages. Saras Salil belongs to the Delhi Press publication. It covers all the aspects related to social, political and entertainment. Human relationship is one of their known section.
  10. SARITA: This magazines publishes articles on human relationship, social and political issues, sports, stories and technology. It is available in hindi language and very similar to Saras Salil. In Sarita you will get more stories related to social issues.
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