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Eligibilty Criteria and Syllabus for JEE Advanced 2019

Joint Entrance Examination is a national level competitive exam to get admission in various engineering colleges in India. It is divided into two levels i.e. JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Only those students who are clearing JEE Main can appear for the JEE Advanced and after qualifying it they can get admission in IITs.

Eligibility Criteria for JEE Advanced

Eligibility CriteriaGeneral
1Age limitNo age limit. But
candidates should check
the age limit of
institutions in which he 
or she will take
Same as
2Year of appearance
in Qualifying
Examination (QE)
Candidates who have
passed 12th or other QE
in 2018 or appearing 
for 2019.
Same as
3Number of subjectMust appear atleast 5
subject in 12th and other
Same as
4Score in Qualifying
Examination (QE)
Minimum 75% 
or be in top 20 percentile
is needed in class 12th.
65% in
5Number of attempts 2 consecutive year Same as 

Syllabus of JEE Advanced

The syllabus of JEE Advanced and JEE Main is not exactly same. Some topics are included apart from JEE Main.

  • Mathematics: Sets, Relations and functions, Complex numbers and Quadratic equation, Matrices and determinants, Mathematical reasoning, Statistics and Probability, Permutation and Combination, Mathematical induction, Sequence and Series, Limit, Continuity and Differentiability, Differential equations, Integral calculus, Binomial theorem and its applications, Three dimensional geometry, Vector algebra, Co-ordinate geometry.
  • Physics: Physics and measurement, Kinematics, Work and Energy, Power, Thermodynamics, Rotational motion, Laws of motion, Gravitation, Propertities of solid and liquid, Kinetic theory of gases, Oscillation and Waves, Optics, Current electricity, Magnetism, Magnetic effects of current, Electromagnetic induction, Alternating current, Electromagnetic waves, Atoms and nuclie, Dual nature of matter, Radiation, Newtons law of cooling, Black body radiation, Kirchoff’s law, Wein’s Displacement law, Stefan’s law.
  • Chemistry: Basic concept of chemistry, Atomic structure, Chemical bonding, States of matter, Chemical thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Solution, Electro-chemistry, Redox reaction, Chemical kinetics, Surface chemistry, basics of Organic chemistry, Hydrocarbons, Functional groups, Organic compound containing nitrogen and oxygens,  Polymers, Biomolecules, Classification of elements, periodicity Alkali and Alkaline earth metals, Hydrogens, D and F block elements, Co-ordination compounds, Equivalent conductivity, Radioactivity, Kinetics of radioactive decay, Carbon dating, Stability of nuclei, Fission and Fusion reaction.

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