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How to prepare for the group discussion?

A group discussion is a process where a group of individual exchange information on a certain topic. The group discussion helps the employer to evaluate, assess and observe the candidates behavior in action. Before group discussion, candidates have to appear for the written exam. Based on the cut-off the candidates are selected for the group discussion round.

Generally, group discussion is conducted by giant bodies like universities, top-rated B-schools, management institutions and various companies. As far as companies are concerned, it is their decision to make GD as a part of their interview process.

The following skills are judged in a group discussion:

  1. Attitude and behavior: Your body language is finely judged over there. You should stay positive and show your passionate and professional personality. You should be kind enough to give other chance to speak. Just be confident and don’t be arrogant and rude.
  2. Communicational skills: You should be able to express your ideas clearly and concisely. You should not only put across your points but also be adequately audible and clear. Make sure that you are loud enough to be heard by everyone.
  3. Ability to work in a team: In a group discussion, it is very important to interact with other candidates and even with examiner if needed. You should be open to new ideas and views. Your leadership skills are also judged over here. So make sure that you appear as a leader, not as a dominator.
  4. Effective listening: In a group discussion, it is equally important to listen to others. In an attempt to display their knowledge about the given topic, they forget that it is important to listen to others and then make a supportive or counter-argument.
  5. Time management: In a group discussion, it is important to express your ideas but it should be in a proper time frame. Allow others to speak as well. Make sure that your points are concise and valid.
  6. Depth in a particular topic: Here your knowledge in a given topic are checked. You should be very relevant in expressing yourself. Don’t go out of the topic. If you do not know anything about the topic just be calm and listen to others. At the end try to conclude the discussion.

Steps to crack group discussion

1. How to start?

  • As soon as the topic is announced, absorb the topic completely and get your thoughts collected on it and frame them accordingly.
  • First, introduce yourself and give a brief note on the topic.
  • When a candidate starts speaking he not only grasp the attention of examiner but also of other candidates. So be confident in what you are speaking.
  • End with asking a question to other candidates at the beginning.
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2. Have your say

  • During discussion make sure that you constantly adding your viewpoints.
  • Your viewpoints should be relevant to the topic. You should not only focus on the content but also the time utilized.
  • You should ask relevant questions to other candidates and able to counter your points if required.
  • You should be updated with ongoing activities in your segment. To know this you should follow giant companies or any personality in that segment.
  • You should also focus on current affairs. Try to read a news article instead of watching the news.

3. Manage your body language

  • Your body language creates a great impact in a group discussion.
  • This is because you are going to judge within 10 to 15 minutes of time. Therefore make sure you are aware of your casual habits like shaking legs, etc.
  • Make sure that you are listening to everyone and demonstrate this by nodding your head or other gesture of agreement.
  • Don’t make your expression to look tense or in a thinking mood. Just be relaxed and genuine.

4. Do not interrupt in between

  • This is the most common mistake that candidates do.
  • This mostly happens when you are not getting a chance to speak or you have not satisfied with others viewpoints.
  • If you are not getting a chance then wait for it. And as soon as one finishes immediately start by saying “yes I do support” and add your points.
  • Make sure that you do not interrupt in between at any cost.
  • Avoid confrontation and ensure you allow everyone a chance to speak.
  • If someone is acting aggressive and rude then make sure that you do not fall into it. Examiner will notice each and everyone’s behavior.

5. Ensure other’s participation

  • If you are including others and making them speak then it ensures that you are giving your best.
  • You should keep an eye on everyone and observe who is not adding their viewpoints in discussion.
  • You should take the opportunity and ask their viewpoints through questions.
  • This will reflect your leadership quality and you will be appreciated by an examiner.

6. How to end group discussion

  • This is a very important stage in group discussion. Here you have to conclude the discussion.
  • The best way to conclude a group discussion is to summarize all the points that you have discussed.
  • You should be very concise and time efficient. Make sure that you don’t drag your conclusion.
  • Make sure that you do not raise any new points while concluding the whole discussion.
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