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How to get recruiter’s attention while applying for a job?

For freshers, looking for a new job can be a time consuming and often a difficult process. Almost every job seeker have experienced that they applied for a job at many platforms but did not get attention. We all have been rejected for a job that we believed we are perfect for. There are hundreds of resume get deleted through recruiter’s email.

  • The main reason behind this is:
    1. You got lost in the crowd.
    2. You are probably doing it in the wrong way.

First, you need to focus on yourself to avoid the second reason mentioned above. You should perform the career development process to eliminate your drawbacks or weaknesses. You should know the requirements of the company in detail. Without knowing the requirements you cannot have a good start. You should plan in a better way for campus placement to avoid mistakes from your side.

Now not to get lost in the crowd you need to follow the steps given below. This will increase your chances of catching the eye of recruiters.

1. Boost your social media

  • Keep updating your social media profile.
  • You should share relevant articles on social media.
  • Maintain a mature online presence.
  • You can also target recruiters on Twitter.
  • You should make professional contact.

2. Avoid using job boards known to everyone

  • You should avoid using job boards known to every job seekers.
  • Most of the job seekers use job boards which are known to everyone because it is easy to apply there. This is the main reason that they lost in the crowd.
  • Hiring managers will spend less time looking at your resume since you are not marking yourself as someone who seeks out opportunities intentionally.
  • You are making yourself to count as an average person by using such job boards. This is because you are only one who is putting yourself in the crowd rather showing yourself differently.
  • Hiring managers pay more attention to applicants who apply through less known channels.

3. Overcoming the tracking system

  • With advancement in technology, some of the companies have an Applicant Tracking System that automatically filters out irrelevant resumes.
  • Applicant tracking system not only filters the irrelevant resumes but also shows the company, from which channels their best applicants are coming.
  • If you apply through a channel that has given the poor results in the past then the company will spend less time looking at you.
  • If you are not getting called for an interview by HR then your resume might be getting rejected by the tracking system.
  • You should use specific keywords and format for your resume.
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4. Talk about contribution, Not your needs

  • You should show what you can do for the organization rather showing a requirement for a job.
  • You should be very specific about your role in the organization.
  • Give enough reason for the specified role. Here you need to talk about your skills.
  • Be realistic but different from the crowd.


Premratan Kushwaha
Mechanical Engineer turned career enthusiast. After facing issues in finding the right job for myself and then realising that despite my degree I don't completely understand the significance of various profiles in the industry, I decided to make career out of helping others in finding the right career path.

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