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Most popular Food and Beverage magazines in India

Most popular Food and Beverage magazines in India

  1. BON APPETIT: It is American based magazine popular in India. First edition was released in the year 1956. It is bimonthly available to the user. Readers will get information related to recipes, cooking style, information related to restaurant and guide to hands on cook.
  2. FOOD AND WINE: It is New York city based magazine and got started in the year 1978. It publishes articles on different types of recipes, about wine, provide different tips related to food items.
  3. SAVEUR: This magazine is also American published magazine popular in India. It publishes four issues every four years. It provide different food stories that makes readers to know more about food nutritions. This magazine also provide articles on photography and on cultural context.
  4. THE ART OF LIVING: This magazine publishes articles on various foods and their nutritions, wine and about their taste. It provides every details of items like what are ingredients, how it is available and other details. This magazine gives awards for high quality content.
  5. COOK’S ILLUSTRATION: This is also one of the American based food magazine popular in India. It got started in the year 1993 and available bimonthly. The best part of this magazine is, it does not contains any advertisment. It basically talks about different food and how to make them. It also covers section on healthy diet.
  6. FINE COOKING: This magazine provides the details of recipes, cooking, techniques and menu ideas. This magazines is good for readers who are beginner in cooking.
  7. EATING WELL: This magazines provides detailed articles on healthy recipies and diet. It also focuses on fitness and therefore publishes articles on weight loss. Their diet sections are very popular for their nutritional values required for different people.
  8. GASTRONOMICS: It publishes article on different types of food depending upon corresponding culture. This create great impact among readers. It also publishes articles on art of serving and cooking style.
  9. TASTE OF HOME: It is a American based magazines founded in the year 1993. It provide information regarding recipes and cooking style. It also covers different food stories that encourages readers.
  10. THE COOK BOOK: This magazine is quarterly available to the user. It publishes an article on food tips, nutritional values and about kitchens storage



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