The great secret of education is to direct vanity to proper objects

Community mouthpiece for career advice

We all need advice, especially when it comes to making decisions about one’s profession. The conundrum however is that to make an eminent decision you need experience and to get experience you have to, first, decide to do something. And world still fusses about chicken and egg!



Fortunately, many, like us, have realised this problem that everyone faces in their professional life and have decided to do something about it. For some people, the fortunate ones, there is access to people who can guide them through their experience, but for the not so fortunate ones, we are building a community which one could rely on; because knowing what to do is the first step towards professional success.



But advice itself is not enough to succeed in professional environment. There is stiff competition and you need to stay updated. Sounds like school doesn’t it? But unlike school or any other form of ‘learning’, ‘practicing’ requires you to interact with people, work as a team, assume various roles and more importantly, it requires you to learn how to deal with failure. Lots of them!



Only very few people go through their lives never encountering failure, for most, it is part and parcel of life. And the way one deals with failure is what decides one’s future. At such times, one feels the need for moral support and good advice. At such times, you can rely on us!



And it is not just about yourself, it is also about giving back to the community. We all have our experiences and our learnings from them. We often don’t realise how important they could be for someone else. This is a platform where you can help someone not make the same mistakes that you did. We don’t have to tell you how satisfying that experience is!



If you want to get involved or wish to learn more about our effort, drop a mail at info@plopdo.com or send a message at 9920734395