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Most popular Women’s magazines in India

Most popular Women’s magazine in India GRIHSHOBHA: It is biweekly published women oriented magazine. It covers every aspects of women related activities like stories, beauty, food, health and relationship. Grihashobha is published in eight languages. It also cover up the inspirational stories to encourage their readers. MERI SAHELI: It publishes articles on women related activities. […]

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Most popular Entertainment magazines in India

Most popular Entertainment magazines in India FILMFARE: This magazine is published by World Wide media in english language. It is one of the most popular entertainment magazine published in India. Filmfare’s first copy was launched in 1952 and from 1954 it gives popular film awards. It contains interview of various personality, photoshoot, insider story, sneak […]

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Most popular Children’s magazines in India

Most popular Children’s Magazines in India MOCOMAG: It is the free digital online magazine for kids above 3 years of age. Mocomag covers the things on various aspects related to Biography of a person, Sports, Environmental and Social awareness, Science and Geographical facts, stories, ect. Their main purpose is to make learning more interactive and […]

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Career in BIG DATA

Are you looking for the jobs in big data Nowadays there is a huge demand of big data. Application of big data can be seen in various field like education, healthcare, government, business organisation, ect. Looking at the current rate of implementation of big data in business organisation and future scope, its big opportunity to […]

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Goal Setting: How to be more effective

We all know what we want to change about ourselves to become more effective and start performing better than we are at the time. The problem is that most of our plans begin and end in our thoughts. They seldom get to turn into a meaningful action and very rarely become a practice. Now, every thought we get may not be as important but sometimes we get ideas which can potentially change our lives. These are the ideas which we must not give up on. To make sure you don’t miss out on such a chance you need to learn how to become more effective in everything you do