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DelC-Smart Electronic Services

Here We have discussed about DelC in solving the problem of home appliances by providing services to customer at their doorstep.And they provide services for various appliances like Washing machine, battery, cellphone, Refrigerant etc. DelC depends on various functions for different user roles like service provider, Technician, Customer and so on. Without them the workflow would not happen. We also discussed about App features for raising complains about devices, Installation or uninstallation, about service status etc. DelC delight the customers by understanding customer needs, improve operational efficiencies for customers, maintaining regular communication and so on.

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This blog has the answers that can really help Operations Manager aspirants and can help them with the valuable info and insights which can clear some of the common questions in minds of people looking for having a career in this segment. The blog tries to give an overview of the job of an Operations Manager. The post is based on the conversations and experiences of people from operations background.