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The Importance of Automation to Modern Day Marketing Success

Have you ever walked into a hotel room and the lights automatically turned on? Did they also turn off when you left? Basically, automation is a way to make our lives easier by automating processes with certain tools.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software that automates your marketing for you. The software is designed to help you prioritize and execute your marketing tasks in a more streamlined and efficient way.

Marketing departments automate repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and provide customers with a more customized experience, such as email marketing, social media posts, and even ad campaigns.

How It Works

In marketing automation, leads are moved from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom of the funnel, where they become sales-ready leads. Based on their activities, prospects are scored and receive targeted content and messaging, thus nurturing them from first contact through to sale.

Marketing Automation Tools

The use of a marketing automation platform is to streamline sales and marketing organizations by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions.

Some examples are:

1. Marketo: It’s one of the most mature tools, with a full suite of features that not only help marketers manage email campaigns but also provide excellent tools for sales teams.

2. Eloqua: One of Eloqua’s key differentiators is the amount of time they spend teaching and helping their customers get the most out of the product. Like Marketo, Eloqua also has a great marketplace with plenty of integrations with third party services.

3. A great thing about this tool is its lightweight UI and fast, personal customer support.


By implementing a marketing automation system, you can become more effective. This will allow you to create more authentic content without compromising your time. You’ll achieve your goals more efficiently if you do this.

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