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A beginner’s guide to start a career in sales in 2021

Growth and comfort do not coexist.” 

Ginni Rometty
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What is sales?

Sales are activities related to selling or the number of goods sold in a given targeted time period. The delivery of a service for a cost is also considered a sale. The comprehensive business system necessary to effectively develop, manage, enable and execute an interpersonal exchange of mutually beneficial goods and / or services for equitable value.

It involves helping prospective clients or customers by listening to them and understanding their wants and needs to find them what they’re looking for.”

Rather than persuading someone to purchase something, selling is focused on meeting the needs of the customer objectively. A sale is a transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives tangible or intangible goods, services, or assets in exchange for money. a sale is essentially a contract between the buyer and the seller of the particular good or service in question.

Things to keep in mind

They can’t hurt you

Prospects cannot physically hurt you. They have no physical control over you. And they can cause you no physical harm. In order to build a strong sales foundation, you must first convince yourself of this truth: they can’t hurt you.

Have a system

Having a systematic approach is a sales basic that’s essential for success. There’s no such thing as a born salesperson. The key is to pick a proven selling approach and follow it completely. Don’t try to makeshift your own approach by pulling ideas from 25 different places. Follow a system and use it every single time.

Know your first 30 seconds

You need to know exactly what your first 30 seconds will be. Script it out, memorize it, and own it. Because if you don’t own that first 30 seconds, you’re never going to compel your prospect to break through to that next level of conversation with you. Your first 30 seconds is everything.

Demonstrate you can solve

Sales people approach is to  demonstrate that we can actually solve the prospect’s problems. Understanding your prospect’s challenges starts by getting them talking. Then it’s time to demonstrate that you can solve those challenges during the presentation phase.

Don’t be afraid to lose sales

 It’s not a big deal. I lose sales. Every top-performing salesperson loses sales sometimes. It’s not the end of the world. Quite frankly, living in fear of losing a sale will make you a far less effective salesperson. You need to be completely unafraid of losing a sale. When you’re actually unafraid of losing a sale, prospects immediately sense it—and they respect you more.

Always keep learning

In sales, so much changes so fast that the second we stop learning, we start failing. At my company, we’re always reading new books, learning new strategies, and implementing new ideas. It’s essential to always be learning new approaches, especially if you’re relatively new in sales. You need to really master selling. 

Effective types of salesperson tools

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a system designed to manage your relationship with customers. It helps companies track and manage existing customers, improve customer retention, enhance customer relationships and advance sales and marketing efforts. Basically, it gathers all the customer data into a single location and allows the companies to drive growth and profit.

Lead generation and sales prospecting tools

Lead generation and sales prospecting tools are required to find new leads and nurture them into customers. These tools eliminate many manual processes, verify the accuracy, and give you a complete overview of every prospect. It helps to accelerate the entire sales prospecting process making it much easier to close the deals.

Conferencing software

Video conferencing software enables sales professionals to communicate with remote employees, prospective customers or other stakeholders without being limited by travel capability. You can use these video conferencing applications to be in constant contact with your customers, organize large conference calls and conduct meetings and presentations

Skills to get hired and start your career in sales

Technical skills

Information Management

Information management is the ability to organize and use data typically collected and maintained in a software program. Sales organizations commonly use customer relationship management, or CRM software. CRM programs allow you to collect and store profile details on prospects and record notes and track buying histories with customers. You can also track your progress in the sales cycle. Solid computer literacy and the ability to collect, update and use data is critical to sales efficiency. Many organizations require salespeople to use CRM software and keep updated records.

Persuasive Communication

Salespeople need to ask good questions and listen to their prospects’ needs and interests. Sales success results when you effectively communicate product benefits, overcome objections and persuade a prospect that you offer the best value proposition.

Research and Planning

Research and planning are generally functional skills. Sales representatives need to research prospects prior to initial contact. A business-to-business seller, for instance, should spend time on a company’s website and become familiar with its buying processes and needs before attempting to reach the decision-maker. Once you get an appointment, you need to prepare effective presentations that respond to the needs of customers.


Listening to understand the distinct nature of each prospect’s situation and showing genuine empathy for helping not only contributes to sales, but it leads to customer retention and referrals. Each customer has a specific need or problem and you must pay close attention and take notes to make the right recommendation in each situation.

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Soft skills

Growth Mindset

People with growth mindsets believe they can strengthen their natural talents and develop new abilities over time. People with fixed mindsets, on the other hand, view their skills as fixed. So we can say that a good mindset will help a person be better at sales.


When a salesperson is good at listening to and implementing feedback, their name typically skyrockets to the top of the leaderboard and stays there. After all, they’re combining the strengths of a great rep with the insights, wisdom, and experience of their manager. That’s a winning combo. To keep processes and strategies up-to-date, great salespeople need to be able to adapt and be coachable.


Between talking on the phone, sending emails, giving demos, and speaking in meetings, most sales reps spend at least 90% of their day communicating. Having solid communication skills is essential. You must be able to clearly get your ideas across without going off on tangents or using buzzwords and meaningless phrases. Good communication is a key to a great career in sales.


The real test of resilience isn’t how you handle a bad situation, it’s how you move on afterward. Salespeople face the most rejection on a daily basis than most other professionals do. Resilience and tenacity are the soft skills they use to stay the course and achieve their goals in the face of adversity. Resilience means embracing the negative feelings and trying to learn something new.


Being able to effectively negotiate today is one of the top skills needed by the modern-day salesperson. Without quality skills in this vital area, you may find yourself losing out to cheaper offerings from your competition or not building value in the buyer’s mind for your products or services. Not only will good negotiating skills bring you more business, it could also increase profitability and get a wider audience experiencing your products. It’s extremely important in the cooperate world.

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Different jobs in sales

Retail sales associate

A retail sales associate works in a retail store and is responsible for greeting customers, providing assistance and answering questions about the products or merchandise for sale, suggesting items based on the needs of each customer, providing information about specific products, taking and processing payments and organizing the stock areas and selling floor. Some retail professionals also assist with managing and ordering inventory, processing refunds and learning more about products to share information with customers.

Sales support representative

A sales support representative provides support to the sales team of a business in a variety of ways. Some duties in this role include processing orders, entering data, providing price quotes and invoices, keeping records of interactions with clients and potential clients, engaging in training related to the products and services the company offers, responding to requests for proposals and scheduling meetings and product demonstrations between sales representatives and clients.

Lead development and generation specialist

The role of lead development and generation specialist, involves generating and developing leads that salespeople can follow up on and convert into customers, which also includes communicating with people to determine who is a potential customer, navigating conversations to uncover business needs and pain points, generating qualified leads and distributing them to the sales team, maintaining accurate records of communications with leads and clients and conveying details from conversations to salespeople.

Account manager

Account managers manage the relationship between a company and its customers. The main duties include building and maintaining long-term relationships with their assigned customers, taking steps to make sure customers have their needs met by the company, identifying potential new customers, assisting with the strategic planning of the business, communicating client needs to other departments, managing client-related projects, forecasting and tracking client metrics and maintaining records of interactions with clients.

Inside sales representative

An inside sales representative works with existing customers to assess their needs and upsell additional products or services. Other duties include finding new sales leads, requesting and following up on client referrals, ensuring a smooth sales process, answering questions about specific products or services available and scheduling and attending in-person and phone-based meetings with clients.

Business development manager

Business development managers work with an organization’s sales team to generate new sales leads and contacts and develop various business channels that includes planning and preparing presentations and sales pitches, following up with potential clients, setting up and attending meetings in person and by phone, overseeing the development of product details and marketing documents, writing reports and providing client feedback to management and executive teams.

Outside sales representative

An outside sales representative is more of a traditional salesperson who conducts sales to customers through in-person interactions. They provide product or service demonstrations, foster relationships with potential clients, travel within their assigned areas, schedule and attend calls and face-to-face meetings, maintain documentation of sales leads and closed deals, monitor competitors to understand customers needs and works closely with the marketing department of the company to raise brand awareness.


Sales is a never dying profession and will be always in demand. Sales is an excellent profession for people who love facing new challenges. Here you learn networking skills how to connect to people understanding the nature of people it helps in getting a linear growth in your personal as well as professional life. The accessibility in this profession has a low barrier here’s no need for you to graduate college. And its a skill which gives you an opportunity to learn something new everyday. You always get to learn something new and different. People with consistency, good adaptability and negotiation skills can ace it.


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