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DelC-Smart Electronic Services


Circle Square is regarded as one of the most reliable and trusted Enterprise Software Solution Providers in Bangalore. Empowered with the right talent force, prides itself in offering the best solutions to various business requirements. We undertake projects as simple as Website development to complex applications like CRM, ERP. The company is promoted and backed by some senior Research and Development professionals in the software industry, having more than 15 years of industry experience.

DelC-A New Appliance Maintenance Cover How?

Searching for Home Appliances Services and maintenance is really a tedious job in today’s world. DelC is the new maintenance cover to solve appliances issues in the home appliances services Industry. In this era of rising demand and supply of Electronics Appliances and digital products, repair and maintenance service requirement has also increased. Earlier we need to visit local shop for servicing and inspection for our appliances. Have you ever thought about how much money in a year on average you spend on each visit and every time on every household appliance repair and maintenance?

DelC builds to delight customers and known for a one-step solution for every appliance improvement and maintenance. You may find it difficult to fix the right technician or difficult to bargain for fair prices with warranty issues. From minor to major, Air conditioner to a Washing machine, DelC provides doorstep delivery solution with guaranteed services quality and warranty. Even without negotiating and paying at every visit by service Technician of DelC as the price for such subscription have been designed carefully to allow customers Annual savings by more than 50% on average.

The appliances which DelC give service to are Air Conditioner, CCTV Camera, Chimney, Digital Camera, HOB, Laptop, Monitor, Projector, Set-Top Box, Television, Washing Machine, Battery, Cell Phone, Desktop, Geyser, Home Theatre, Microwave Oven, Printer, Refrigerator, Solar Water Heater, UPS Inverter, Water Purifier/Filter.

DelC Facility Management

Monitor, Measure and Manage your Facility Maintenance with DelC to enhance Appliance services in day-to-day operations.

DelC comprehends the need to change your Facility Management service business carefully and upgrade your Equipment, Customer fulfillment and Workforce. Monitor, Measure and Manage – the 3 principles DelC follows to facilitate Maintenance Management.

Looking at new administration demands, the app is designed for administration specialists to get an instant warning to take planned preventive measures with security and safety. It facilitates benefits to serve technician experts. In this way, the execution of the workforce can be done from anywhere at any time. An appointment can be taken through the web or versatile applications built for multiple appliance services and repair.

Interactive features included to enhance Inventory accumulation with highlights such as geo-tracking, image capture, bar code filtering and digital installments. Advanced Multilocation management helps to get tasks done in an easier way and oversee multi destinations from any place at any time. Powerful dashboard and key performance indicator report helping the leader.

Various Function Available for different User Roles

Service Provider:

  • Schedule and Track Technician Real-Time
  • On-time/TAT tracking
  • Customer Feedback and Escalation
  • Customer Out Reach and database


  • Workplan for the day
  • Step by step workflow-GO, Start, etc
  • Generate Online Quotation for spare parts
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking


  • Appliance Inventory Capture
  • Service Request and Tracking
  • Online Payment
  • Approvals and Feedback

App Feature

a) Appliances Inventory management:

Get your appliances and appliance services sorted now through DelC. No more trouble in locating invoices and warranty cards when the appliance is due for service. Avoid running around for quality service centers and maintaining different contact details for every appliance. DelC puts an end to endless waiting on making numerous calls to call centers. Based on your multiple properties (locations) as well.

b) Out-Warranty appliances:

Increase the life-span and working quality of your appliances through appropriate efficient service and maintenance.

  1. In DelC, just add your appliance and raise repair/service/Installation/Uninstall request with your preferred day of service. Authorised/certified service professional will arrive for servicing your appliance at your convenient time.
  2. Service charges for the service are provided much before the service request is raised to avoid unwanted confusion and trouble.
  3. Track your services; DelC offers you real-time scheduling and tracking the progress of your home appliances services with appropriate status leading to transparency.
  4. Spare parts quotes required for the service are provided to you for your approval.
  5. Get the In-app service avoiding the bulk storage of papers. Seamless Digital payments via Paytm wallet, net banking/credit and debit cards.

c) In-Warranty appliances:

Is your In-Warranty appliance needs a service/Installation?
Get your nearest authorized service centers with a toll-free number to service the appliance.

Cloud & Mobile based Software for Managing Field force

While booking technician for appliances repair and maintenance customers usually faces some complex situation such as service technicians are arriving late, unable to show about the service call, producing shoddy/incomplete work, need for a return visit of technician, etc.

In such situations service provider is going to lose their customer and a lot of people will stop to take services.
Looking at these scenarios, DelC has designed a software tool to track your service technician so that it can help to facilitate better service management to our delighted customers.

1. Software Tools for the service Provider: DelC has built software tools to measure so as to get more information to the job scheduler. In this way, they can make more accurate decisions while planning the work and delivering it. Moreover, it includes GPS Tracking of technicians, travel times, job times, job start/completion time, duration, hours and much more.

2. Software Tools for Service Technician: DelC has also designed tools for service technicians with which they can provide consistent delivery with a better task performed. Even they can maintain customer mapping, job changes, service maintain history, asset management and much more.

3. Software Tools for Management: This tool is designed for managers and executives who can track service trends, assess individual technician performance, track technician hours, identify high and low-value customers and much more.

Delighting Our Customers

A reliable way of delivery makes a huge impact on customer experience and they will remain permanent. DelC designed to nurture the relationships for the customer’s long-term membership.

Understanding Customer: Serving customer’s needs is our delightful deed. The focus is to keep customers and their opinion on top to solve and resolve their issues. Constantly present to give answers that a client is confronting or may look in the future and guarantees fulfillment at each stage. Customer leadership with customer-centricity.

Design an excellent customer experience: We improve operational efficiencies for our customers and the major focus is on metrics that matter to accelerate performance. We empower Service providers to access the task information with just a few taps while they are on road thus, avoiding too much distraction. We remind them when their task is about to start and when they should leave to avoid getting late.

Regular Communication: Contacting customers from time to time asking in case all is well with their appliances.

Communication Before Arrival: Keeping customers informed with SMS and notifications as soon as the service engineer starts to serve the appliance.

Communication After Completion: We should ask for criticism to distinguish the zones of shortcoming and work on them before the customer becomes restless.

Get a Fair Feedback and Review: Feedback is an important factor to drive continuous improvement. Collecting feedback indicates we value our customers and improving makes the customer value our services. We are looking forward to a long perspective so we approach users for fair feedback.

Brand Quality: Quality has an expiry date but one should never compromise with the quality. Our belief is to serve with Quality and maintain date to date.

Why DelC

A collaborative platform for all to provide simplified ownership of appliance.

The aim of a collaborative platform is to enable staff to work better together by simplifying their project monitoring tasks and delivering efficiency gains. Such a platform is an innovative solution for businesses seeking productivity, financial savings and enhanced employee well-being.

Handle from point of sale to grave (green disposal)

Electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for refurbishment, reuse, resale, salvage recycling through material recovery or disposal are also considered e-waste. Recycling and disposal of e-waste involve significant risks to the health of workers and their communities.

Security to consumers

Consumer privacy also known as customer privacy involves the handling and protection of the sensitive personal information provided by customers in the course of everyday transactions. The internet has evolved into a medium of commerce, making consumer data privacy a growing concern.

DelC certified/warranty on refurbished products

Certified refurbished products are usually used items that customers have returned due to a defect or because they have changed their minds. They can also be product demos or items with packaging damaged in handling.

Brands training-skilling and employment opportunity

Training and development refer to educational activities within a company created to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees while providing information and instruction on how to better perform specific tasks. In training employees aim is to develop additional skills and in development, is to develop a total personality.

Trusted spare parts by OEMs or their partners

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. So OEM automotive components are the official, genuine parts produced directly by your vehicle or electronics parts maker.

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