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What is a sales profile?

Sales profile is a vital area of responsibility for a company .Where in Sales Executives are responsible for planning, implementing, managing and overseeing company’s overall sales strategy.

They are the principal point of contact between the business and customers. When a business provides something to its clients, whether it is providing a product or a service, it often relies on sales executives  to generate awareness and increase the number of products sold. They may be involved in selling products, goods and services to customers and clients. Their job is mainly to set up a strategy for finding new prospects and sales leads and converting them into paid users. Ultimately this will have a direct impact on profitability of a company.

How can one enter into a sales role?

To enter sales one should have a good network of contacts so as to have more leads . He should be able to understand the need of his customers and accordingly use his skills to attract people towards his product. Here the communication skills of the sales individual will play an important role  for his  job. Since market is full of wide number of products and services one should be patient and put in more hard work even after facing multiple rejections.             

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • BA/BS University degree with a concentration in marketing, promotions, advertising sales, or business administration preferred
  • Three to five years of industry sales experience
  • Familiarity with office software and phone systems

What is the key skill set required for a sales job?


1.   Confidence – maintaining a positive attitude

You’ll suffer all manner of rejections by prospective customers throughout your career, and so you’ll require a high level of confidence, positivity and tenacity. Having this unwavering faith in yourself and the product you’re pitching, all in the face of resistance and rejections.

2.   Resilience – communicating with conviction

Communicating with conviction can help transmit your passion for sales in an interview. Researching the industry, the company and the role will allow you to emphasize how your strengths and experiences make you the ideal candidate. It is also important to react positively to failures.

3.   Active listening – understanding customer’s needs

Its vital to avoid personal filters, assumptions, judgements, and beliefs. This is because the customer has the best understanding of their own needs and so the salesperson needs to listen carefully in order to have the greatest understanding of this. 

4.   Rapport building – selling your personality

Unleashing your personality is equally valuable when it comes to developing your customer service skills. Building a strong rapport with customers is important as you have got to convince them that you are the best person to sell them a product. You are selling your talents but, more importantly you are selling your personality.

5.   Entrepreneurial spirit – continual self – improvement

The top sales candidates possess genuine entrepreneurial drive and spirit. In todays competitive world it is crucial for you to keep on developing and improving upon your high’s and low’s to be consistently a good performer for your company. This will make you a key member of the company which wouldn’t like to compromise at any cost.    

What are the basic tools used by a salesperson?


Sales tools refer to digital tools used by sales professionals to make their work easier. Sales tool categories include 

1. CRM software 

 A CRM(customer relationship management software) is a system for managing your relationships with your customers. It helps you keep track of existing customers, enhance customer relationships, improve customer retention, stay a step ahead of sales and marketing efforts, automate communication. Click here to know the best CRM software

2. Sales intelligence

Sales intelligence indicates to a wide array of  technologies that helps sales intelligence search , monitor and understand information on prospects and existing clients daily business. Sales intelligence software is also used in pointed searches for companies using real time data . sales intelligence market  consists of company data & contact data.

3. Sales acceleration software

Sales acceleration is a strategic initiative to have more sales conversations, shorten the sales cycle, and close more deals. Sales acceleration technology helps salespeople improve both efficiency and effectiveness with better engagement and organization through the entire sales ecosystem.  

4. Sales gamification

Sales gamification software helps to boost motivation and sales performance to get the most out of sales teams. Basically Sales gamification is a tool which allows  sales managers to realize their strong and weak points, based on the ranked leaderboard of his performance. Hence encouraging workmates to work on their weak areas and improve themselves to compete with each other. Click here to know more       

5. Sales analytics software

Sales analytics software is a term used to describe tools and systems and systems that assists sales professionals and managers to effectively track, evaluate and enhance the performance of their sales activities. This makes it simpler for the sales managers to monitor and understand the areas to be improved on. Click here for best Sales analytics software and its comparisons

6. Video conferencing software

Video conferencing software plays a key role in sales organizations that are running online. Video conferencing is a effective tool as it is easier to build trust with someone you meet face-to-face. It helps the salespeople and/or clients to each other according to their convenient place and time.   

7. e-signature and document tracking 

An e-signature is a digital way of putting pen to paper. e-signature and document tracking software provide users with the ability to securely collect signatures on electronic records, such as sales contracts and proposals. One of the advantages of e-signature technology is that it allows paperless office, it gives a unified view of each contract’s processes.     

8. Account-based marketing software

Account-based marketing (ABM) technology provides marketers the ability to build scalable, personalized marketing campaigns. The account-based marketing strategy is all about shifting your focus from high volumes of prospects to highly targeted accounts that are a perfect fit for your product or service.   

9. Marketing automation software

Every sale starts in one of two ways firstly either the seller finds the buyer, or the buyer is seeking the seller. This type of software allows companies to streamline marketing workflows and optimize their marketing strategy by automating marketing tasks. Such as email marketing, social media posts, and lead generation. 

10. Customer service software

Customer service tools help a business manage inbound and outbound communications across multiple channels, efficiently deliver service, and resolve issues. Some of these tools are help desk, live chat, social customer service and complaint management software. With this type of technology , users can track all customer requests and better understand response. 

What is the future of sales jobs in India?

India is a country with great potential which will prove its worth in coming years. we can expect many new startups and firms establishing and would be willing to come up with their products  in the near future  as we are moving towards making our nation self reliant hence this will be a great opportunity for a sales person and once skills to work for those upcoming firms. The demand of people may change with the rapidly changing technology in today’s world but the sales jobs will remain the same ,it’s just that products will vary and the salesperson should be adaptable to this change. Click here for more 

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