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What is depression and its symptoms ?

Depression is often seen as a “mental illness.” It is a state of mind where the individual loses interest in day to day activities, abandons himself/herself from society and tries to live alone. It affects the way an individual thinks and acts. Depression has its seed in the brain but with time it makes a person physically ill If not treated. Depression eventually leads to suicidal thoughts. Suicide is the most common cause of death in Indians between the age 15-29. According to a WHO report, 6.5% of Indians suffer from depression. One in six Indian teenagers are at a high risk of depression. The percentage may be less but 6.5% of 1.3 billion is a staggering number. Our way of life needs to be changed. India is the most depressed country in the world followed by China and the USA. Teenagers and young adults are at high risk of depression due to fast-moving world of expectations, desires and finding a way to balance work and life. Everyone cannot cope up with failure.


Individuals with depression may experience mood swings. Their mood changes constantly. They feel irritated at small things. They lose interest in social activities, live alone or are not comfortable in sharing their problems with others. Individuals may cry for longer periods of time. Individuals tend to look at the negative aspects of life. EX: Thinking about suicide, constant worrying and lack of sympathy.

Depressed Individuals may experience Insomnia. They have problems with their sleep cycle. Depressed Individuals may sleep for longer periods of 10-12 hours a night and this continues in the day as well. Feeling of staying in bed may be a sign of loss of interest in daily activities which leads to a depressed mind. Sleep may also be reduced in some individuals and they find it too difficult to get proper sleep.

There can be changes in the body when one continually suffers from depression. Weight and appetite can fluctuate for people with depression. This may happen differently to different individuals. Some might feel the urge to constantly feed their stomach and gain weight, while others might lose interest in eating and may lose weight. If the changes in the appetite are not intentional then it may be a sign of depression.

Usually, with constant worrying, the cognitive ability of a mind is affected. Individuals with depression have difficulty in thinking clearly. Brain fog increases and slowness in any physical activity is observed. With constant worry come thoughts about failure, pain and paranoid feelings which lead to suicidal thoughts. If these things are not taken care of the chances of an Individual committing suicide increase.

Depressed Individuals are anxious about the things that happen to them. They are constantly overthinking which increases anxiety. Anxiety may sometimes result in a decrease of self- esteem. Low self-esteem reduces confidence. People may have problems speaking to people or addressing a group of people or events. Ultimately fear pervades and the person loses interest in living.

These are a few symptoms of depression. Every individual may not show these symptoms, these are the very common symptoms of depression. Heartbreak and failure are rampant these days. There are high chances that every Individual may experience depression at some stage of his/her life. It is always advised to seek medical help in severe cases which may deteriorate the mental and physical health of an Individual. Help people who show the above symptoms, try to help them with their problems. No society would appreciate the fact that it lost an individual to suicide that culminated from depression. Remember Depression is just a phase in life that will fade away with time.

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