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What does a career in CAD look like in India? Expert comments and Future of CAD

Design has been known to us right from the start of the civilisation. As we became more scientific we started to understand that a design is the best way to put forward our ideas without leaving any room for misinterpretation. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ goes the adage, I think it is safe to say a design is worth at least 10 meetings. The clarity that design brings can never really be captured in a discussion or any form of written documentation.

With the advent of screens we started moving towards digital records and designers themselves started wondering how they can escape the threats of losing a physical copy of design or it getting damaged by simple spill of coffee or even water. CAD or Computer Aided Design is the name given to designs which are generated digitally. Over time it has become synonymous to Engineering Tools of design but in reality CAD is just a design drawn digitally. It just so happens that engineers were the first ones to use this extensively. CAD softwares are actually used in wide variety of fields to accurately design & edit structures, components and other countless applications.

What had previously been done using a pencil and paper was replaced over time with development cad-designand adoption of computers. Compared to manual methods of using drafting tables, pencils etc. CAD provides ease of use

History of CAD

History of CAD closely parallels the history of computers. In 1957, Dr. Pattrick Hanratty, “The Father of CAD” created the first numerical control system known as ‘PRONTO’, which is regarded as origin of all CAD softwares. From there on many CAD softwares were developed which includes Sketchpad(1960), ADAM(1971), IGES(1980), CATIA(1981), AutoCAD 2D(1982), AutoCAD 3D(1994), Solid Works(1995), Solid Edge(1995) & so on.


[Introduction of CAD in India]

The most generally used softwares in india are Solid Works, Creo 2.0, Pro-E, CATIA and AutoCAD.

Scope of CAD in today’s Industry

CAD/CAM softwares like Creo 2.0, CATIA, AutoCAD help manufacturers to optimize product concept early in design process enabling them to significantly improve product quality, while reducing manufacturing time & cost. CAD enables a designer to create drawing faster with added features of easy duplication accuracy and intelligence. Also editing and modifications can be done very easily without leaving a trace of erased line. Thus, providing high accuracy in drafting.

Rapid shift from manual design and production system of Engg. Industry opens wide way to the CAD system. Now, the companies as recruiters are looking at CAD knowledge as part of profile of recruiting students.

Daily we can see the lot of improvements being made in the common appliances we use. There are huge companies working on products continuously to improve the design and make them more efficient and user friendly.

Today, latest versions of CAD softwares are used for speed, stability and efficiency.

Daily life of Designer

CAD technician/designer also known as Draughtperson do the important work of producing detailed, interactive designs of various structures, components and other variety of products.

Information collection for projects is one paramount activity that would involve research skills. After data gathering, you are required to present blueprints or initial sketches based on the requirement of the project. Design mechanisms are generally based on Product Engineering Drawing and analysis. These designs are then applied to generate actual engineering components.

Developing designs is not the only task that you would be associated with. While working with large industries, you also get to learn a lot about the industrial nuances and processes. These naturally help you acquire additional manufacturing skills, which should lead to career enhancement and help in switching-over career roles & responsibilities whilst remaining associated within the same firm.


Career Progression

One with CAD knowledge, creative mind and high imagination power has great & wide opportunities in Engg. Firms, architectural offices, even in various Govt. departments.


Future of Designer Role

The design engineers are now a days in demand, due to new technologies developing in India. Even 3D printing technology requires software crafted design for printing.

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