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How to become a Quality Control Engineer?

Who is a Quality Control Engineer?

Quality Control (QC) engineers ensure quality standards for the product being produced beginning with the development stage and ending with packaging. QC engineer employed in a variety of sectors including software, aerospace, automotive, architecture and electronics manufacturing. Every manufacturing company ensures that people receive a satisfactory and safe product. Hence quality control is one of the core department in every manufacturing industries. Without this department, there is a possibility that consumer may not get a relevant and safe product.

Qualification required

  • You need to complete your Bachelor’s degree program in Engineering. Having a master degree will be of great advantage.
  • A diploma holder in Engineering with a job experience will also hold good.
  • Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in the corresponding field with more than 10 years of job experience may work in small size companies.
  • Having specialization in design, inventory control, logistics and material flow will add up your value.
  • Quality control engineers may learn to use specialized computer programs, electronic equipment, statistical and analytical processes, gauges, meters and other devices.

What are the skills required?

  • Technical skills: As a QC engineer you should be good at MS suite. You should be aware of the mechanical and thermal properties of the product as well as the tools. You should be familiar with the various design software.
  • Communication skills: You should have good oral and written communication skill in order to give a report to your quality head. As a quality control engineer, you should be able to understand the written sentences and paragraphs in a work-related document.
  • Problem-solving skills: As a QC engineer, you have to identify quality-related problems and review relevant information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
  • Quantitative skills: You need to be very strong in Math. It is the numerical ability of an individual to evaluate things in a technical or non-technical manner. You need to also have analytical skills to analyze data. You should have critical thinking to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions.

Roles of a QC engineer

  • One of the most important functions of a QC engineer is to identify the quality-related problems in the product. For this, you should have a deep understanding of the product.
  • You have to evaluate the testing method and modify if necessary.
  • You have to maintain, monitor and ensure the highest quality in services and products.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problem relating to quality control aspects.
  • Develop strategies to evaluate precision and accuracy of analytical, tests, measurements and production equipment.
  • You should be able to manage and handle the storage of hazardous product to ensure the safety of employees.
  • Perform quality audits as per the schedule.


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