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Basic Steps And Techniques For Social Media Marketing

As we all know, in today’s world “Social Media” plays an important role in our day to day lives, where we get to know thousands of people a little more around us.

Today we are going to talk about how effectively we can make use of Social Media for our benefit.

Now, we know that Social Media is used for various purposes that is,

  • For personal use (which is definitely used by millions out there ).
  • For business purpose (To promote one’s products).
  • Lastly to show case one’s talent, where social media platforms gives a chance to do so.

There are multiple of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snap-chat, etc which are used for various purpose.

Here are some basic steps to begin with:-

  1. Select a particular platform to start with (for beginners).
  2. Share your content.
  3. Analyse your audience.
  4. Create Facebook page, Instagram page and group (to promote your product, for business).
  5. Conduct survey to know about the followers interests.
  6. Provide unique content to keep the audience engaged.
  7. Follow daily routine to post about something relate-able (in business point of view, about your product).
  8. Spread your content on all the possible platforms available.
  9. Do not post too much or irrelevant (think and post accordingly).
  10. Spread your area of interest to a wide range.

Above were the initial steps to go with for a beginner in business or self promotion.

The beginner’s out there, click here for more details.

There is a lot more which one can do with the available Social Media platforms as these give a lot of opportunities for people out there, if used wisely.

Click here to know more about how to get well-versed with Social Media platforms.

Till now we just saw how one can start and grow in this area with their respective interests, but there is a lot more after the beginning.

Once you have started using the “Social Media Platforms”, may it be the business point of view or personal use, you need to keep track of the likes and dislikes about your content.

We very well know how digital life works, one should always be aware of what type of content/data is being shared.

“If Social Media makes a person reach their dreams at the same time it also has the power to destroy the same.”

As the quote states above, these platforms have great power, in today’s world where if one missuses it has to face conflicts.

Let us see some strategies to be used:-

After implementing the tips, which is just the beginning, later on we need to apply some strategies to increase the number of followers.

Initially, one needs to post wisely with unique captions and hashtags to grab peoples attention.

Don’t just stick to updating your followers with the products developed or events happening, try to post a little about your personal life too.

Day-to-day business updates become a little boring for the viewers, so keep them updated with some fun pictures.

Your followers will definitely want to see a lot more about you or about the company and employees working in it.

Try to explore the number of Social Media Platforms used to increase the followers count as well as to keep audience engaged in it.

People nowadays don’t just see your products but also they long for entertainment which i a way for them to know you more.

Create videos and Infogarphics to explain your thoughts in a better way.

One can also try podcast as that might also be a turning point.

One thing to always keep in mind is that never fake yourself or your products because nothing can be kept hidden for too long.

Choose your content as per the platforms for example; do not share personal stuff on LinkedIn as that is a professional media.

Lastly, be interactive, have conversations/chats to know more about your audience personally and to get to know their thoughts about you and the product. This will help you grow in many ways.


In this blog of mine, i have shared my personal views of how one should use the Social Media Platforms for showcasing ones talent and how they can use it for growing the business too.

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