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Why you need to focus on Mid-size company instead of big companies ?


The fact of 2018, for all the core branches like  Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Aeronautics, Civil engineering students, they don’t have placements in all this respective branches, fresher who is graduating, they are in the darkness of hope, they don’t think to work on to develop their skills like learning new technology and the basics of the software related projects, they instead focus only on campus placement in the search of jobs without having a proper eligibility and suitability for the post of any designations in the company. As I was not  graduated from an IIT, NIT AND GOVERNMENT college it makes a bit different for students like us. We hope for the best placements in our  campuses but we are not aware about the industry of the core companies, they have less openings with great demands of skills and project oriented mindset with less salary offer.

I think the main reason for student not getting job is, Students don’t know what exactly companies are expecting from them.

1.5 Million engineers pass out every year in India and if you want to stand above, you must have some extra skills than others.

Few other reasons:

  1. High salary expectations
  2. Inability to tackle interviews
  3. Basic knowledge of subject
  4. Improper skills of basics things
  5. Not having proper presentable skills

Recent opportunities in mechanical engineering are that they can learn the trending courses like supply chain management, Logistics, Operations and controls they have big jobs offers in the recent futures for the engineering graduates.

Apart from the core, there are few more courses are available that has demands in all sectors for everyone such as Big data, Data science, Blockchain, ML and AI.

Instead of apply to big companies like TATA GROUP, L&T, The Godrej group many more you can target the small companies and gain 2 years of experience from them and can join this big companies later.

There are many startups  in India right now, you can join them and work their as an intern, gain knowledge and experience of a corporate world. The benefits of working in an startup is more acceptable than working for the big companies, it will help you to grow from nothing to everything, you will learn about the company formation from a scratch to finish. This experience will let you gain adaptive habit to work for any company or for yourself, anything will be done with small efforts without any barriers of  demotivation, with the hopes of high self confidence to all your veins. Your mindset will be changed after this adaptation and thinking.



Satish Gupta
Done bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. #LEARNER #BLOGGER

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