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First Three Steps To Digital Marketing

As many of you’ll definitely know the basic definition of Digital Marketing, which is nothing but ” an online platform for promoting one’s business in different ways such as creating a website and promoting it via all the social media platforms”.

The main components of Digital Marketing are:

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing…

and so on, the list goes deep down the line, but the above mentioned are technically the mains.

Here, in this blog, i will mostly focus on the Content part, SEO and the Design part.

Content Marketing

Now, talking about content marketing with respect to Digital Marketing, it includes mainly blog’s or else website data.

If you have a business and you want to promote it socially/digitally, then the first step will be of-course creating a website related to your business. Now here is the main part which is, what content your website will hold on to? One should always keep in mind that, you need to provide detailed information about your business which should be understandable by a layman.

If at all you don’t have a business and like to write about stuff like me, then you can always start a blog,which is now trending all over.

While writing a blog you should always choose your topic of interest for example if you like being in nature, so stick to that topic and you can definitely write as many blogs as you want on nature-because that doesn’t end.

It is not that people who do not have a business can only write blogs, no. There are many companies out there, whose employees write blogs for it to make the company socially active on different social media platforms.

Content Marketing goes hand in hand with Social Media Marketing, as once you have your content, you definitely need people to read it out and this can be accomplished by sharing the blog on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram,etc.

Below is the image will give a brief idea about the main benefits of Content Marketing in a company. Below mentioned are the main advantages of Content Marketing.

Now, while writing a blog, the main things to keep in mind are:

First of all as said before, choose a valid topic.

Once, the topic is decided, think about how to start the blog and plan the flow of the blog.

To make the blog interesting, you can always add pictures, share your own experiences and if possible share some videos too to keep the audience connected.

Next thing to keep in mind is the length of a paragraph, not too lengthy not too small.

Click here to know more about Content Marketing in detail.

Page Rank

In this section, I will be talking about the second most important component of Digital Marketing, which is Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

SEO is basically the key for growing organic traffic for your website or the blog posts.

If you need to search something eg: about a medicine, you will type out the name of the medicine on the Google Search Bar, and you will get n number of results related to your query but here, the top 5 links provided will have the maximum rating and obviously you will click on one of those links.

Now, here where SEO comes into picture, ranking your blog or website as per your keywords used in the content of the website/blog.

For your website/Blog to have high ranking, following are few steps:
  1. Have a mobile enabled websites/blogs, because nowadays, all the search takes place on cell phones.
  2. Start with topical research that is, if you want to start a blog, then first do a research on what type of blogs are already present and how your blog will differ from others. Same goes with the website content.
  3. Topical Authority.
  4. Match Search Intent.
    1. Content Type:-
      • Blog post, Product pages, Category pages, Landing pages.
    2. Content Format:-
      • Blog Post :- How to, Step-by-Step, List Post, Opinion Editorials.
      • Landing Post :- Tools and Calculator.
    3. Content Angle:-
      • Benefits- why people should read your blog or use your website.
  5. Keep content fresh.
  6. Provide links in your blogs/website which you refereed too for generating the data.
    • Topical authority of the referring domain.
    • Relevance of the link.
    • Referring page “Link Authority”.
  7. YouTube SEO.

For deep knowledge into Search Engine Optimization click here and get all the details required.


Here, in this section i will mainly talk about the components which help in making any blog post or a website visibly appealing to the audience.

Under the design phase we generally have UI/UX designs which is mostly applicable to the website that is how easy is the website to use by a layman.

Secondly, the Graphic Designing comes into picture, here if the website contains any videos either animated or normal, then in blogs if there are good animated videos which explain a story in a very interacting way, as videos are always more appealing. Graphic Designing also helps and is very effective in many ways for digitally growing one’s business.

when we speak about design there are many which are related such as, the poster designing or the images which we search normally on google and also different card designs for different events, all this is a part of Design which is also a very important aspect of Digital Marketing.


In this blog, i have mainly provided the summary of the major parts and the basic steps which revolve in and around Digital Marketing. So to get into it, one should be having the basic knowledge in the above mentioned categories.

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