Decision Making Early Career

What is more important: Knowledge or Credentials ?

Today the world has become very competitive, it is nearly impossible for every 3rd person who is a graduate can say he/she will get a good satisfying jobs, in spite of having a merit this won’t guarantee you a well ordered career in your respective choices that you are chasing in this generation.

As today we are facing unemployment, regardless of having many qualification as of graduation or post graduation degree, your merit qualification can not guarantee you a successful job opportunities in any fields like government as well as in private sector, this is something important that you must think and try to decipher it in a particular way, this difficult situation has been appeared from few decades because this is something which we should sit and try to think on this unravel mystery.

For a fresh graduate, what they think is if they simply score a good marks or percentage in their exams they will get assurance of having a well paid or stable jobs, but that’s not true because the company who is hiring, they believed that this vacancy of fresh graduate will be filled by a good learner or at least who believes to have a proper knowledge not for them that they have only scored well in exams and don’t know have another qualities, this things don’t appreciated in corporate worlds they highly focus on your critical ability to handle the situation with clear concept and knowledge of their products and your ability to perform well with your self confidence in every approach.

If you only focus on grades and don’t apply what you have learned, then its worthless of study and also the hard work you are doing. A good learner is not a scholar who scores only good marks in their academics but also “him” who focus on other important things such as they should have other qualities like good personality, good speaker, a particular skill or hobby, good in sports and should have self confidence and leadership qualities.

Being in the middle is fine, as long as your grades are not too bad, only this kind of person has enough free time to learn other skills.

– Jack Ma

If you start learning a new and important skills that today’s world are doing it, you might get a easy and great success in your future life without having a fear of rejections by others.

Satish Gupta
Done bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. #LEARNER #BLOGGER

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