How to build your personal brand?

What is your Personal Brand? If you haven’t much considered your personal branding, it is probably time to get it. A brand is not just a product. A brand may represent name, symbol, design, reputation and many more. Personal branding is not about the number of followers on Twitter, Facebook or any other social platforms. It is not about the number of blog subscribers. These are very poor forms of measurement for building a meaningful and valuable personal brand.

Building a personal brand means providing so much value in one or multiple platforms. It is basically the way you market your idea to the world. Your personal brand is how other people relate you with your idea.

Everyone knows that in business branding is a very important task. But nowadays branding is equally important at the personal level. It is seen that one business work with other businesses but in fact, it’s people that work with other people.

Personal branding is unavoidable because when you interact with someone, they will automatically form mental associations that connect you with certain labels. But if you want to create a personal brand with defined boundaries, it takes a lot of work. Click here to know A to Z of personal branding.

1. Begin now

  • It is never too late or too soon to start building a personal brand.
  • Factors such as age, type of job, location or available resources do not matter at all. Do not treat these factors as criteria to begin personal branding.
  • If you have decided to build a personal brand, do not think much about success or failure. The most important thing is that you make a start.
  • Writing blogs is the best way to begin your personal branding.

2. Create your own space

  • Many job seekers are trying to project themselves as they are fit for any role assigned.
  • Thinking like this can be upside down on you itself. You need to acknowledge yourself.
  • You need to focus on one thing that you are genuinely good at. You should build your brand around your’s strengths.
  • Once you found out your area of interest, you need to make a commitment towards your goal.
  • You need to keep yourself real. Don’t try to act like someone else.
  • You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing and just follow the crowd.
examples of personal branding

3. Think of output

  • You should be very clear about your product. It should be well defined and coherent.
  • The output or motto of personal branding may be money, sharing thoughts and experience.
  • Your purpose in sharing your idea should be genuine.
  • Sharing meaningful product help you to deliver better value to your followers.
  • Your output should remain consistent to create a good impact on your follower.

4. Know your target audience

  • It’s useless knowing the output of your product without knowing your audience.
  • Once you are ready with your vision, you should determine your target audience.
  • While deciding your target audience you need to check factors like profession, age limit, gender, lifestyle, location, etc.
  • Develop your persona with a focus on the needs of your audience.
  • You should conduct surveys and take feedback to learn and know your audience in a better way.

5. Active presence on social media

  • Nowadays social platforms are the great source for building a personal brand.
  • Keep updating your social media profile.
  • You should share relevant articles on social media. Maintain a mature online presence.
  • Try to make professional connections. This will help you in developing a personal brand much more effectively.
  • Follow other platforms which are similar to your idea or product. This will help you in getting the audience who follows those platforms. Associate yourself with other strong brands.

6. Build your own website

  • First, you should spend some time in posting your blogs on social media. Don’t hurry up in building website.
  • After having decent followers you can approach for a website.
  • The main advantage of creating a website later (after spending some time on social media) is you can alter your original idea or product if necessary. You will also able to evaluate your idea more precisely by spending some time on social media.
  • Once you created your website then it is very difficult to do any alteration. You need to be very consistent in your work.
  • You attract their attention on social media, and you give them all the value in the world on your website.

7. Self-motivated

  • If you are ready to dive in building a personal brand then you need to be self-motivated.
  • There is no one to suggest and inspire you. It is you who is going to take initiative.
  • It is not like a corporate culture where your boss is going to give target and rewards based on performance.
  • Want to become a self-motivated person, CLICK HERE.
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