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Google Analytics: What is it?

“Google Analytics” is basically a platform which is used by many website owners to get statistics of their website viewed by users.

It is a tool which provides statistics and give basic analysis of any website.To know whether a particular website is being on the eye of user’s one can simply make an account on Google Analytics which is quite simple, as it has the same process of creating an account like on any other google platform.

What Google Analytics offers

First of all , one would always like to know what the viewer’s like to see on a website. Now, by using this platform one can know how many people are visiting the site at a particular moment which is known by “Real Time” which is one of the features of this platform. By using ‘real time data’ one would know how many users have logged in to the site and what they are basically searching for and by that analysis the owner of the website would know which is the most interesting thing on the website which user’s like to visit.

Next is the “Audience”, where one can know how many people visited the site and for how long did they spend time reading about something. Here, a person will get to know the statistics of a week or an entire month. Under the ‘Audience’ section we have many other subcategory where one can know the basic age-group of its user’s, their interest with respect to what they checkout on the site. With the help of the subcategories, the owner can also get a chance to know from where does it have the maximum viewer’s around the world, which can be known by the location of the viewer.

Finally, i would conclude that this platform is very helpful for the people who own some business related websites because through this they can know whether their website is useful to people and what exactly their viewer’s want to see, so by that analysis they can improve and give a convenient output at the user’s end.

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