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What is Consumer Behaviour?


Customer behaviour is the study of when, why, how and where the people do or do not buy a products. It basically depends on the psychology of the consumer. It attempts to understand the buyer’s decision making process both individually or in a group. It studies the individual consumers on various aspects such as demographic and their behavioural aspects to understand what people want.

In the study of consumer behaviour, the main focus could be the customer satisfaction towards your product and this could be only seen, when they get what they needed in the first approach should be relevant.

One more term is necessary to consider is customer satisfaction and customer delight because their behaviour will be according to the relationship between the consumer and seller.

There are different types, classes or categories of consumers of goods and services and in this article each of them will be discussed to help you understand the difference.

Seasonal consumers

Many consumers purchase and consume product when they are in need, not every time they go and buy, this type of consumers are most affective on seasonal basis or we can say they shop at certain time.


  • Umbrella in rainy season
  • Cold or ice in hot seasons
  • Decorative materials during Festival season

Personal consumers 

These types of consumers are individual consumers who purchase goods for the sole purpose of personal, family or household use


  • Going to the supermarket and shopping for goods which are to be used in the house
  • Purchasing a car that you intend to use personally
  • Purchasing clothes for personal use from a clothing mall
  • Purchasing a mobile phone for personal communication.

Organisational consumer

Organizational consumers purchase products for organizations, governments or businesses, They often buy in bulk and may place long-term recurring orders. For this reason, an organizational consumer is generally highly prized and sought after

Impulse buyers

Impulse buyers are consumers who make unplanned buying decisions. Impulse buyers make swift buying decisions and immediately purchase when they ‘connect’ with the product and its features. There is often some kind of emotional appeal.

 Buying motives are those influences or considerations which provide the impulse to buy, induce action or determine choice in the purchase of goods or services.

by Prof. D. J. Duncan

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