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Often a freshman’s life becomes a tightrope walk between diving into various co-curriculars while chugging along with the daily ordeal of academics. In an effort to foster a healthy interaction with experience person, we have flagged off a Mentorship programme with a successful leaders present in the market.

Mr. Manoj Meena, Founder and CEO of Atomberg startup company, an IIT Bombay alumni

Let me give you a basic introduction about mentorship, how it works around people and what you need to consider while learning this programme.

Basically a mentor is someone, who offers his or her knowledge, wisdom and advice to someone who is less experience. It is a positive, supportive relationship, encouraging young people to develop to their fullest potential.

Here, at Plopdo we have announced our first mechanical batch, with  enthusiasm we are happy to help freshers as well as interested candidates who are in college or as a fresh graduates, this opportunity will change  his or her life with a kick start by gaining knowledge from an experienced person, who is already in the race of technical as well as methodological field.

In this programme, we are launching a batch of 5 candidates from a particular interest for example few mechanical candidates in the field of technical as well as non technical issues, and our aim is to boost the candidates confidence in such a way that he or she can handle there issues on their own with any fear, so this is clear that we are not just guiding you, we build  such qualities in you which will be very useful in your future corporate jobs as well as in your professional life that you are going to handle.


  • We will arrange one batch with different candidates and let them interact with each other
  • We will give you few task, which will check your ability to perform in different situations as well as your time management skills
  • We will monitor you with your respective task and take feedbacks from you.
  • We will arrange a professional mentor in your  respective interest
  • After you finish with, mentorship we will prepare your for interviews and will do your profiling and resume at professional level.
  • If needed, we will let you to learn few skills which will be more helpful.


Satish Gupta
Done bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. #LEARNER #BLOGGER

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