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Why mentoring is important ?


A mentor is someone who offers his or her knowledge, wisdom and advice to someone who is less experience. It is a positive, supportive relationship, encouraging young people to develop to their fullest potential.

There are very few things are more valuable than having a mentors when it comes to your journey to success, your ability to secure the right mentor could be the difference between making it or failing miserably, those who underestimate the power of mentoring are less likely to succeed due to variety of reasons.

A mentor is someone who is already walked the same road you plan to walk and that can actively help you speed up your process, you can have multiple mentor at the same time, you can have dedicated mentors for your different aspect of your life like a mentor in your business, a mentor for health and a mentor for your spiritual side and so on.

Few reasons why you should have a mentor in your life 

  1. They have been there and done that : The biggest advantages of having a mentor is they have already achieved something that you yourself is pursuing, which means that they have gone through the struggles that you are facing today.
  2. You  can talk to someone who is an unbiased third party : A should be a straightforward and provide unbiased advice, they are not your mother and will not put your personal feelings above facts, this is incredibly valuable because people around you emotionally invested in you as an individual but a mentor has the ability to look at the past and judge you efforts for what you really are.
  3. They have a whole different networks of contacts and connection that you don’t: Your mentor is already swimming with a bigger fish in their journey they have already acquired a variety of contacts that could reach someone like you, a mentor can facilitate access and open doors for you, giving you right amount of an edge to make it in your journey, you as well will grow and make networks.
  4. Its the best service that you could ever get : Most mentors only want you to do well and a real mentor wants you to succeed  not for their financial gain.
  5. Your mentor may introduce you to a career path that you didn’t know  existed before: One of the really incredible things about the mentors is their ability to spot opportunities that you would have never seen otherwise because they went  through it before and they have deeper understanding of the game than you do. They can connect multiple dots that are out of reach for a beginner entrepreneur
  6. A mentor will help you to stay in business  longer:  A mentor is already did a ton of really expensive mistakes any one of this could mean the end of your business if not dealt with correctly, not only can a mentor warn ahead of time of negative things that are about to happen and the solution he or she found for them, but based on their experience they could advise you on how you can  evade those problems completely.
  7. You are more likely to succeed with a mentor : A study conducted in late 2013 showed that over  80% of the polled CEOs have received mentorship in one form or other, at the startup stage the same result showed that 93% of startups admits that mentorship is instrumental to success, your chances of success in life and business can be amplified by having the right mentor.
  8. They push you to learn : A mentor will easily notice that you are lagging behind in terms of knowledge, their job is to push you in right direction and most of the time this start with a information any real mentor recommend reading material that applies to your industries or your particular field.
  9. A mentor will save you a lot of money : Every single mistake you make will cost you money, thats usually how people learn they spend time and money making mistakes and they take out knowledge for said experiment. A mentor is able to provide you with the knowledge you need, sparing you the expense of going  through yourself because they have done that before.
  10. They can help you make right choice : There will a point in your journey, where you reach a crossroad and need to make a choice, having a mentor smoothens out that process they can help you better access the situation and aid you into making a right call for both yourself and business depending on what is your end goal.



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