What is the career development process?

1. Discovering your path

  • As we grow up as a student, we start thinking of our career.
  • Our aspirations change at several stages of life. For example, our childhood’s aim gradually changes as we grew up.
  • But it is very important to come to a conclusion as early as possible.
  • The advantage of discovering your path as early as possible is you will get more time to prepare in your field.
  • Here you need to understand your personality, interest, skills and values.
  • Conduct SWOT analysis in order to know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • You can take help from your family member, faculties, colleagues and friends.
  • Try to fill the skills checklist to have a better self-assessment.

2. Career exploration

  • After deciding your career aim you need to explore yourself in that area.
  • You should do research work and increase your knowledge in an interested area.
  • You need to develop the skills required in that area.
  • Start reading an autobiography of leading people in your field.
  • Start visiting workshops, industries and events relevant to you.
  • While exploring you will get some data relevant to your career which will help you to guide in specific direction.

3. Selecting the best alternative

  • After you have discovered your path and gain knowledge in that area, its time to take a major decision in your career.
  • In this stage, you need to decide how will you execute your exploration experience.
  • This stage is a challenging one because you need to eliminate all the other alternatives after selecting the major one.
  • Click here to know the steps in thedecision-making process.

4. Take action

  • After selecting the major area of your interest, set a clear goal and objective.
  • Make sure that your goal is attainable and realistic.
  • Make plans for the accomplishment of the goal and set proper deadlines.
  • You should be consistent in executing your action plan.

5. Keep tracking yourself

  • You should keep track of every activity performed. This will help you in forming a database relevant to your career.
  • Evaluate your decision at every stage to make your goal visible.
  • Take feedback which will be helpful in the future.
  • Try to note your task in a notepad instead of using a mobile phone. This will help you to give more value to your task.


Premratan Kushwaha
Mechanical Engineer turned career enthusiast. After facing issues in finding the right job for myself and then realising that despite my degree I don't completely understand the significance of various profiles in the industry, I decided to make career out of helping others in finding the right career path.

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