What are the major problems faced by freshers in the corporate world?

1. Feeling hesitation

  • The most common problem fresher face is difficulty in voicing their opinion.
  • You may have a different viewpoint on a particular topic, but you hesitate to tell in front of your manager.
  • Your management does not encourage you.
  • You will feel hesitation when you don’t have complete knowledge about the assigned task.
  • You may also feel hesitation because of your introvert behavior.

2. Lack of practical knowledge

  • Though theoretical knowledge forms the basis of practical knowledge, having practical is much more important than having theoretical knowledge.
  • You should be very clear about your role in the organization i.e. practically what you need to do as a job.
  • You should have the complete methodology to accomplish the task assigned.
  • It is practical knowledge that increases your productivity.
  • Learn more about why practical knowledge is important than theoretical knowledge.

3. Lack of skills

  • As a fresher, you don’t have the required technical and non-technical skills. You need to develop gradually.
  • At the start, you need to be flexible and adaptable since you are transforming yourself from academic life to corporate life.
  • You need to develop your communication skill.
  • You will need to learn many industrial terms.
  • You should be creative and innovative.

4. Problem in working as a team

  • As a fresher, you need to adapt to working in a team.
  • It’s a difficult task because your way of thinking may not match with everyone.
  • You need to learn to use the right word for communication.
  • You need to match your working speed with your subordinates.

5. Lack of job satisfaction

  • As a fresher, it is possible that inspite of an area of your interest you may disappoint with your job.
  • Sometimes it may happen that the company makes you to do a task different from your role assigned in the offer letter.
  • It may also happen that after working two to three months you realize that you have chosen the wrong field.
  • At this moment, many freshers quit their job.
  • You need to be calm and take a positive step to your career and work to the best of your ability.

6. Unsuitable workplace culture

  • It is very much possible that the protocol and ethics of the company may not suit you.
  • As a fresher, you may feel that there is no one in the company to solve your doubts.
  • Your seniors are not co-operative and increasing your workload.
  • Your management does not have a transparent system to follow.
  • In this type of working environment, you may lose your creativity and your learning process will stop.

7. Anxious for career planning

  • If you are satisfied with your first job then you will start thinking of your future. And it is very important.
  • You need to think about developing the essential skills required for promotions.
  • You have to prepare a career map which is suitable and relevant for you.
  • If you want to change your job or field then you need to search for the proper guidance.


Premratan Kushwaha
Mechanical Engineer turned career enthusiast. After facing issues in finding the right job for myself and then realising that despite my degree I don't completely understand the significance of various profiles in the industry, I decided to make career out of helping others in finding the right career path.

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