How to become an operations manager?

Who is an operations manager?

  • Operations Manager plays an important role in any business organization. An organization achieves its goal and objective due to effective operation management.
  • Planning, controlling, staffing, directing, and organizing are main areas of operations management.
  • Operations manager deserves a position in the top management of the organization.
  • They monitor and maintain the co-ordination between every department in the organization.

Qualification required to become an operations manager

  • You need to have a bachelor’s degree in commerce, business management or industrial management.
  • Some of the university also offers a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree in operation management.
  • Some companies also ask for a master’s degree like or MBA.
  • You need to have good experience in the industrial sector.

What are skills required?

  • Presentation and communicational skill: Presentation includes spreadsheet, document and slideshow. You have to give various ideas to business stakeholders and upper management. You need to be good at communication because you have to monitor and give feedback frequently.
  • Management skills: You have to develop a focus in every member towards the achievement of the goal. Make sure that communication is working well in all the department. You need to plan, organize, control and direct your team member towards the achievement of the goal.
  • Problem-solving skill: It is the ability to identify problem and take various measures to solve it. For this, the operations manager need to have an overall working knowledge of all departments.
  • Quantitative and analytical skills: You need to be very strong in Math. It is the numerical ability of an individual to evaluate things in a technical or non-technical manner. You need to also have analytical skills to analyze data.
  • Technical skills: You need to be proficient with computer hardware and software. You should be updated with development in the technology.

Role of an operations manager

  1. The main aim of any organization is to minimize the cost and maximize the profit. The operations manager plays an important role in doing so.
  2. They monitor each and every activity of the department and gives feedback if necessary.
  3. Operations manager hires and gives training to employees.
  4. Monitoring the existing process and creating strategies to increase the productivity of the company.
  5. They have to manage the quality assurance programmes.
  6. They should very innovative and search for new methods and technology.
  7. Operations manager also checks the availability of resources like raw material, labor, machines, etc.
  8. They also look out their budgeting management.
  9. They do forecasting in order to maintain the supply and demand of the company.


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