How to become a financial advisor?

Who is a financial advisor?

  • A financial advisor is one who gives advice or consults their client regarding the money management.
  • The financial advisor helps people in making crucial decisions regarding income growth.
  • They evaluate a client’s financial position and accordingly plan to achieve their needs and goals.
  • A financial advisor works for the company or as a private consultant.
  • A financial advisor is also known as financial consultant.

Qualification required to become a financial advisor

  • You need to complete your Bachelor’s degree program in business administration.
  • Having specialization in finance, economics, accounting and statistics will be of great advantage.
  • A financial advisor does not need any license to consult anyone. But they required various securities licenses in order to sell investment products.
  • Depending upon the type of license required you need to give a test.
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What are skills required?

  • Communication skill: A financial advisor must be good at speaking, writing and presenting their investment product. Having the right product but you are unable to convince your client is of no use. Hence it is the most basic requirement.
  • Problem solving skill: It is the ability to identify problems and solve it in a particular time period. In problem-solving, management consultant develops alternate solution and select the best one.
  • Quantitative skill: You need to be very strong in Math. It is the numerical ability of an individual to evaluate things in a technical or non-technical manner. You need to also have analytical skills to analyze data.
  • Technical skills: You need to be good at MS Suite. You need to be proficient with computer hardware and software.

Functions of a financial advisor

  1. Financial advisors first build their network, contact clients to consult them regarding money management.
  2. Get connected with all clients regularly and keep them updated with latest financial affairs.
  3. They help their client regarding income tax records, insurance records, bank account records, wills and pension plans.
  4. They used to handle client complaints and problems and give them appropriate solutions.
  5. They regularly monitor client accounts and record changes if any.
  6. A financial advisor used to talk to their clients to assess their current incomes, insurance coverage, financial objectives, risk tolerance and other expenses.
  7. They explains their client regarding financial assisstance available for various age groups.
  8. They keep themselves updated with changes in norms, market condition, stock market and rise and fall in currency.
  9. They conduct workshop and seminars for their clients.
  10. Financial advisors be in touch with all clients regularly to enquire about their financial growth.


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