How to become a management consultant?

Who is a management consultant?

  • The management consultant is one who gives advice and direction to the organization in order to become more efficient, productive and successful.
  • They identify the problem in the business organization and help them to solve it.
  • They also help in improving the performance of the business organization.
  • They are very creative and adaptable according to the scenario.
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Qualifications required to become a management consultant

  • You need to complete your bachelor degree from commerce background.
  • Bachelor degree from any stream may also work but it will be an advantage for commerce background.
  • Some companies also ask master degree like MBA, CA, etc.
  • A management consultant can also be self employed.

What are skills required?

  • Problem-solving skill: It is the ability to identify problems and solve it in a particular time period. In problem-solving, management consultant develops alternate solution and select the best one.
  • Quantitative and analytical skills: You need to be very strong in Math. It is the numerical ability of an individual to evaluate things in a technical or non-technical manner. You need to also have analytical skills to analyze data.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: You need to be very practical in your job. You need to be very much flexible to adapt in a different working situation. By having this kind of skill problem can be solved easier and ina lesser time.

Functions of a management consultant

  1. They used to handle projects and programmes.
  2. They evaluate the schedule and resources required to meet the project objective.
  3. Conduct various training classes and workshops.
  4. Prepares proposals and presentations to develop business growth.
  5. Indicate the problem, provides its solution and feedback.
  6. Conduct the research to understand the position of the organization.
  7. They interview employees of the client, management team and other stakeholders.
  8. They improve business performance, create value and maximize growth. 


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