How to become a marketing manager?

Who is a marketing manager?

  • A marketing manager research, examine and manages the marketing of business and products.
  • The marketing manager plays an important role in directing the company by setting different market plans and strategies.
  • The purpose of marketing plans and strategies to define the vision of the organization.
  • It is the marketing manager who researches about the customer’s trends.
  • They need to highly focused, creative, innovative and detail oriented.

Qualifications required to become a marketing manager

  • You need to have a Bachelor degree in business management in marketing and advertisement.
  • Sometimes Bachelor degree from any stream with good experience in the market can also work well in becoming a marketing manager.
  • Experience in online marketing and content developing.

What are skills required?

  1. Analytical skill: It is the ability to collect and analyze data. It is a very crucial requirement in problem-solving. You need to keep track of each and every details. Analytical skill also enhances your critical thinking.
  2. Effective communication: This is one of the most important skills required for a marketing manager. You need to be very clear while talking to your customers or subordinates. Sometimes you need to communicate according to their emotional behavior.
  3. Creativity and innovation: You need to bring up the new method and ideas to the organization. You need to be flexible while handling a difficult situation. Innovation is the implementation of creativity.
  4. Adaptability: You need to keep the track of changes in the market. You should mainly focus on the new trends, changes in prices, changes in policies and international aspects. You should change yourself according to the new situation and act accordingly.
  5. Technical skills: You need to have technical skills related to video, audio and content development. You should also have the idea of the data structure and statistics.

Functions of a marketing manager

  1. To increase the demands of goods and services from the existing market.
  2. Developing marketing plans and strategies.
  3. To maintain good co-ordination and relationship in the existing market.
  4. To maintain good co-ordination among departments handling activities like purchase, sale, packing, storage, transportation, advertisement, sales promotion, etc.
  5. Searching for the new opportunities in the market.
  6. To launch a new product to attract new customers and to retain existing customers.
  7. Managing and utilizing platform on social media.
  8. Developing and managing advertisement for the company.
  9. Tracking changes in market condition and plan accordingly.
  10. Main role in forecasting the information.
  11. Main role in developing networks brand value.


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