Time Management

What is Time Management? Why it is important?

Everybody knows that time is not in our hands. Currently we do not have technology to control time. Practically it is not possible to make time fast or slow according to our requirement. And also we have to do every activity in a particular time domain. Hence it is one of the most important parameter that needs to be considered. So rather focusing on how to control time, you should work on how to manage time.

Definition and Concept

Time management is a process of dividing and utilizing time for a particular task. The main aim is to utilize optimum time to get maximum productivity. Time assigned for a task should not be less than the optimum value otherwise you will not get an effective result. It should also not be more than optimum value because, in this case, you may get a better result but you have increased the cost to get the result. Now the question is how to implement time management? What is the various factor need to be considered? Here I will discuss the most basic approach to implement time management.

Think of ‘WHY’

Before deciding your goal or objective first, you need to think is of ‘WHY’. You should know the purpose of your objective. If you are not getting your purpose after deciding your objective then it is sure that your work is incomplete. You are not clear about your objective. And suppose if you started your task without knowing the purpose then definitely you will take more time than the optimum value. This will not only increase the cost but also it may lead to inaccurate result. Asking ‘why’ to yourself is the first step towards time management. So find your ‘WHY’ first.

Think of ‘HOW’

After knowing your purpose, break your goal in several small segments or stages. Then you need to plan everything. For planning, you need to decide what all things are required to accomplish the goal. You should think about the procedure for every segment. The purpose of doing this is that, to make everything predefined so that the output is more clearly visible. This will save your time after you start performing the actual task.

Think of ‘WHEN’

After knowing the procedure of every task, you need to decide the thing needs to be done first, second and so on. After this, you should set the timeline for each segment or task. Setting the timeline is not an easy task because you have to set the optimum time for every task. Stick to the deadline while performing the actual task.

Finally think of ‘WHAT’

Finally, you should think about the output of the goal. What you will get from the goal? Your result should be very clear and visible. If first three steps mentioned above is properly conducted then your output will automatically come into the picture.

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